Seretse to calm Marobela/Sebina's fears

Defence, Justice and Security minister Ramadeluka Seretse is expected to address residents of Sebina and Marobela who have been living in fear of suspected serial killer/rapist since last year.

A serial killer/rapist has been terrorised these villages, killing and raping mostly elderly women and torching their houses. The residents’ plea only got attention after the criminal killed an 85 year old lady Tshiilo Mojiwa and her 50 year old daughter Bagele Mojiwa. “Had the issue been given the necessary attention from the beginning, it could have not gone this far. The killer could have been arrested,” snapped Sebina Bugalo, a resident.  A residen of Marobela who refused to be named accused the government of being reactive.

She said the issue needs the attention of President Ian Khama. “We are like orphans and attacked without a parent. Fidelis Molao (Tonota North MP) is our child and his aunt was also killed. How do you expect him to console us when he needs it also?” she asked. The same frustration was evident in Kgosi Morgan Madesu during the funeral of Bagele Mojiwa: “Our neighbours have shown us their true colours and is high time we showed them who we are now!” Area MP, Moloa said that people are very angry and insecure now, although security agents have been deployed in the area. He promised the residents that Defence minister could have addressed them last week, “but we agreed that he must come after we have finished with the burials.’’

Last modified on Wednesday, 31 July 2013 21:29

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