Elites clash in Mmadinare constituency

The race to replace Vice President Ponatshego Kedikilwe in Mmadinare constituency has started earnestly and has pitted some of Botswana Democratic Party’s [BDP] crème dela crème in ther primaries slated for November this year.

Kefentse Mzwinila

A clinical psychologist and consultant at Psychologists Botswana Pty (Ltd), Mzwinila is a nominated councillor in Sowa Township. Prior to the 2009 election, Mzwinila wanted to challenge Kedikilwe in the BDP primaries but was suspended by the party for misconduct. A former president of BDP Youth League, Mzwinila enjoys support of the youth in Mmadinare, who are yearning for developments in the area.  Mzwinila has long expressed interest in the constituency ahead of others.

Dr Gloria Somolekae

The assistant minister in the Office of the President, Dr Somolokae who is also a former Director of Kellogg Foundation has widely been viewed as PHK’s successor in the constituency. Since PHK announced his retirement from active politics, Somolokae has been a frequent visitor in the area something that did not augur well with other candidates.  She enjoys support from Tobane, Sefhope, Kgagodi and Mogapi villages. Her position as head of government’s poverty eradication project boosts her campaign as she can easily use her position to also work in her favour.

Serwalo Tumelo

When he resigned as Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Finance and Development Planning, Serwalo Tumelo, a Mmadinare resident, moved to his home village and acquainted himself with political issues in the community. During the Foot and Mouth Disease (FMD) outbreak in the area in 2011, Tumelo was one of the farmers who were instrumental in taking the ministry of Agriculture to court over the killing of their livestock. Although he is from Mmadinare, the former PS did not confine himself to Mmadinare but went around the Zone 7 area urging farmers to unite and ultimately formed a farmers’ association. His main strength will be the farmers when he contests in the Bulela ditswe in November. 

Colonel Moseki Moseki

Retired Army Colonel Moseki Moseki, who is also a member of Mmadinare Trust, is another elite candidate for Mmadinare constituency. Colonel Moseki is among Mmadinare residents credited for resuscitating Mmadinare trusts. The Moseki family is well known in the constituency and comes from one of the big wards of Mmadinare known as Kelele and some believe it might work to his advantage. Like Tumelo, colonel Moseki enjoys the support of farmers.

Christopher Lejowa

He is regarded as the dark horse in the race that is littered with academics, but the Mmadinare South East councillor is confident he will be tops when the counting begins in November 2013. A former chairman of Mmadinare branch, councillor Lejowa hopes to use his advantage as the sitting councillor in the constituency and that he is on the ground compared to the others.

Last modified on Friday, 27 September 2013 13:00

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