Ngoma’s Mayoral ambitions given a major boost

Peter Madiya - NE correspondent
Monday, 20 March 2017
Ngoma’s Mayoral ambitions given a major boost

Former Francistown City Mayor Peter Ngoma had his mayoral ambitions boosted over the weekend when his newfound team floored the camp aligned to Vice President Mokgweetsi Masisi.

A Botswana Democratic Party councillor who preferred to remain anonymous told this publication that Ngoma is tipped to be elected the city mayor once Sylvia Muzila’s term ends just before the winter season. He said that Ngoma had initially aligned himself to the Kgalajwe-led faction only for the specially-elected councillor to decamp just days before the Francistown regional congress.

“Ngoma decamped following a vigorous recruitment drive by Francistown West Member of Parliament Ignatius Moswaane who was at one point the Mayor of the city before he graduated to parliament. Buti Billy who was also once a mayor convinced Ngoma to join their camp in order for him to be elected the city mayor and it is not surprising that Ngoma was seen a week before the Francistown regional congress dining with Billy,” the source revealed.

He continued that since the camp aligned to Nonofo Molefhi won at the just-ended regional congress, it will be easy for Ngoma to ascend to the mayoral position since he will be backed by majority of BDP councillors as well as opposition with whom he enjoys a lot of support due to his long experience and popularity within the council chambers.

Northern Extra has it on good authority that many BDP councillors are currently aligned to the Molefhi camp which assures Ngoma a ticket to clinch the mayoral position from Muzila. When contacted, Billy confirmed his recent meetings with Ngoma but pointed out that their meetings had nothing to do with Ngoma’s ambitions to contest for the mayoral seat.

“People must know that Ngoma and myself are both from the same party and there is absolutely nothing wrong for the councillor to pay me a visit at my place. Whether he is interested in the mayoral position or not will not stop him from paying me visits since we are long-time friends who grew up together. If he is interested in the mayoral position, it is his democratic right and how he goes about it should be nobody’s business,” Billy said in support of Ngoma.

For his part, Ngoma said that councillors nominate candidates for mayor and that if they pick him as a candidate he will have no choice but to accept. “For people to vote for one as a mayor, councillors will caucus behind my back and build a strong team to back me up and I will not be surprised if they pick my name since I once held the position satisfactorily for nine years. If it’s their choice to have me, then I will be grateful for their gesture of confidence towards me,” Ngoma said.

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