Kgamane finally speaks on Nata chieftainship crisis

Peter Madiya - NE Correspondent
Tuesday, 07 February 2017
Kgamane finally speaks on Nata chieftainship crisis

Bamangwato Regent Kgosi Sediegeng Kgamane has finally revealed to Northern Extra that he will soon be addressing the Nata chieftainship crisis after a protracted battle with residents.

Last year the residents petitioned the director of Tribal Administration Tumelo Seboko to have their case addressed as a matter of urgency. Kgamane who is currently attending Ntlo Ya Dikgosi was furious when he was confronted by this publication and retorted that Nata chieftainship issue will be addressed soon but not through the media.

“People should be aware that I have had similar cases in my area of jurisdiction which I finally resolved without the media and definitely I will still address the Nata issue like any other cases I have come across. As you may be aware, my area of jurisdiction is very big and as such, I have a lot of issues to solve in my incoming basket which at the end of the day will be resolved no matter how long it will take. Similarly, residents of Nata should be patient as their issue will be addressed at the right time,” Kgamane said.

The vacancy of a senior tribal authority was created following the retirement of Mokgwathi Makgesi from public service in September 2015 and a delegation sent by Kgamane then addressed the villagers and announced that they should choose a person of their choice. Villagers had wanted the position to be filled by Makgesi’s immediate junior Rebagamang Rancholo only for the delegation to state that the two junior chiefs Rancholo and Letsogo Kgaswa were not eligible for the position since they were already employed.

When villagers were busy searching for a suitable name to send for consideration, Kgamane handpicked Kgaswa for the position but the nomination angered villagers who then petitioned the Director of Tribal Administration Seboko who then sent Kgamane a directive to revisit the issue and resolve it without any biasness.

Following the directive last year, Kgamane has not acted on it forcing villagers to make a decision to send a three man delegation to Serowe a move the villagers are still pondering over. When Kgamane was made aware of the pending three man delegation during the interview, he challenged the delegation to arrive at Serowe as soon as possible but stressed that he will solve the problem at his own time when he is free from his busy schedule.

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