Boko blames Khama’s ‘illiteracy’ for his ‘erratic decisions’

Friday, 21 October 2016
Boko blames Khama’s ‘illiteracy’ for his ‘erratic decisions’

The leader of the Umbrella for Democratic Change (UDC), Duma Boko has told multitudes gathered in Mbalambi village for the launch of council candidate Madumela Matebu that President Ian Khama’s regime is very erratic and looks down upon workers through unfair labour practices.

He bemoaned the fall of BCL and Tati Nickel Mining Company and heaped all the blame on Khama whose “lack of basic education”, he said, has led Botswana to its current situation in which the government does things without any consultation with those to be affected by “their erratic actions.” He said the current government led by Khama’s Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) has failed the people of Selibe Phikwe and scores of Francistown residents who are dependent on the nickel mine by folding its arms allowing the two mines to crumble leading to thousands of job losses and business.

Boko said if the people want to see how serious the President lacks insight, they should borrow a leaf from his government relief programme called Ipelegeng in which poor citizens are made to work under unfair labour practices in the process risking their lives and health. He explained that according to the provisions of the Labour Act, an employer is obliged to provide his workers with protective clothing for their own safety where such clothing is needed. Boko lamented that at the present moment the ruling BDP regime is taking its citizens for granted as Ipelegeng workers are forced to work under hazardous conditions without any safety clothing, something which he said will encourage private companies to follow suit.

He explained that by putting Ipelegeng workers under unsafe environment is a clear sign that Khama looks down upon the citizens of this country and his party should be replaced with the UDC, a party he said will never disappoint its citizens by deliberately stepping on their rights. Boko argued that when an Ipelegeng worker is faced with unfortunate incidents including permanent total incapacity and fatalities, they receive nothing from the government since they are not covered under the relevant act which can protect them. He pointed an accusing finger at Khama and most of his ruling clique blaming them for having failed to educate themselves to be well equipped something he said should be an attribute of any good leader.

He added that as a leader of the opposition he worked very hard at school so that he can be one of the future leaders of this country. “As for our current president, he lacks education even though he grew up in a well-off family which could even have provided him with personal tutors. Currently his focus is on running around collecting titles of Drs, a title he has never sweat for. He is not a person to engage in public debate for the simple reasons that he lacks indepth and the time you see him in parliament is when he reads a speech written for him by another person and thereafter runs away scared of relevant questions that can take the livelihoods and economy of Botswana to the next high level,” he explained.

Member of Parliament for Francistown South Wynter Mmolotsi also pointed out that the current regime has the habit of wasting money on things that cannot take this country anywhere economically. He said that Khama has recently bought himself an expensive helicopter whilst he knew very well that BCL was on the brink of collapse and wondered what type of a leader he is.

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