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Moswaane vows to defend his backyard

Francistown West legislator Ignatius Moswaane has hit back at his detractors following a recent meeting at which the Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) Chairperson and Vice president Mokgweetsi Masisi attacked him.

Botswana Guardian has been reliably informed by a BDP insider that Masisi plans to use cash power to dislodge Moswaane from Francistown West where he has thrashed many opposition candidates including BDP as a Mokoko in the 2014 general election before retracing his steps to the ruling party. 

The source said the grand plan to oust Moswaane includes launching a propaganda campaign in Monarch where he commands massive support unlike other wards in his constituency.

“As for other wards including Gerald Estates and Kgaphamadi, the MP does not have a large following since he has been at loggerheads with some area councillors who want him out of the constituency,” the source disclosed. 

Asked to comment, Moswaane said that whoever wants to take the constituency from him is free to do so as long as they understand that the constituency is controlled by the masses who voted him into office. 

He said he was not elected by voters because he has offered them money but because they have trust in him. “As we speak, ‘ketheogetse’ as an employee of the people of Francistown and I will only address them before the general election and give them a feedback concerning different issues they have sent me to represent them on in Parliament”. 

Moswaane first won the constituency following the death of then area MP Tshelang Masisi when he beat White Marobela in BDP primaries, which victory would be contested, resulting in BDP not fielding any candidate for the by-election.

In 2014 general election, Moswaane registered as an independent candidate and went on to thrash both opposition and BDP candidates before he re-joined the party. But his outspokenness has earned him foes within the party.

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Member of Parliament for Gaborone Bonnington South, Ndaba Gaolathe has resigned from the Parliamentary Committee on Finance and Estimates.

Gaolathe has for long decried lack of capacity in the committee as a challenge. The MP said while he is satisfied that the Executive represented by the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development has a rigorous method to consider projects and processes he is concerned that Parliament through its Budget and Estimates Committee does not have a process at all.

Gaolathe who holds an MBA Finance (Wharton School) is probably the highest qualified member of the committee, which is chaired by Ignatius Moswaane, MP for Francistown West. “The Budget Committee considers submissions from the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development. It considers these submissions and they are supposed to have a process by which they actually evaluate these projects that are being submitted or proposed.

“I put it to you as Parliament that there is no process at all. In a progressive Parliament and in a progressive system, a parliamentary committee is supposed to have an objective process by which not only do they evaluate these projects but they actually score them on a number of criteria. One of these criteria may include the feasibility of what is being proposed”, said Gaolathe when debating Supplementary expenditure for the financial year 2016/17.

He stated that leaders must have the requisite personnel infrastructure to do the technical assessment when dealing with issues of budget allocation, budget appropriation and assessment of feasibility. “It is very strange here. I have seen governments and companies where assessments are done by experts. In this Parliament we have a Committee that does not have the machinery and the infrastructure to give a technical assessment about whether what we are receiving from the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development or from the Executive of our Government system has merits.

“You know these lapses mean that as a system, as a Parliament we are actually irresponsible, for us to be deliberating over billions, millions and hundreds of funds without a proper process, without a proper personnel infrastructure”. The legislator said it is something that needs to be addressed decisively. He revealed that when looking at Parliamentary Committee on the Estimates and Finance report, it does not give reasons or justification whatsoever, why they have agreed or acceded to certain requests. “This in my view is a travesty.

“When you look at the request of the Directorate of Intelligence and Security (DIS) by P15.5 Million and this request apparently is relating to the expanded security, management of security system platforms for the BOT50 celebrations. I really fail to understand how one can justify such a quantum for something that has been planned for in any case.”

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Francistown West Member of Parliament Ignatius Moswaane and his Francistown East counterpart, Honest Buti Billy allegedly connived over the weekend at the ruling party’s regional congress to foil James Kgalajwe’s ambitions to get to parliament.

Just before the weekend regional congress, a BDP insider informed Northern Extra that the former Mayor, Kgalajwe was flexing his muscles to challenge Billy in Francistown East, hence his decision to contest for the Francistown regional chairmanship as a stepping stone to parliament.

Although Kgalajwe refuted the allegations, Billy will not leave anything to chance and has allegedly formed an alliance with Moswaane to frustrate Kgalajwe’s ambitions. Asked about the recent entente, Moswaane admitted having formed an alliance with Francistown East MP to foil Kgalajwe who is aligned to Vice President Mokgweetsi Masisi’s camp ahead of the July BDP congress.

Moswaane pointed out that Kgalajwe and his team have long been tested hence their decision to join forces and vote for a youthful team which has never been tested. “I can confirm to you that I am with Billy in the Nonofo Molefhi camp and there was no way we were going to give the Kgalajwe team any chance at all. We decided to give Badumetse Medupi and Douglas Letsholathebe a green light to represent us at the BDP July congress. We are fighting for the integrity of BDP and no one is going to stop us in our ambition to vote for our chairman and president of choice,” Moswaane said.

Francistown East legislator said that the weekend BDP congress had nothing to do with Kgalajwe as he has long decided to team up with Moswaane before Kgalajwe’s ambitions to challenge him in the next general elections were known. He said if Kgalajwe is a member of the Masisi faction, there was no way Francistown was going to endorse him as the whole region unanimously agreed to shift their weight behind Molefhi.

“It’s all about the integrity of BDP not about Kgalajwe becoming a Member of Parliament. If he harbours such ambitions, he should wait for the right time rather than try to use party positions to win a vote. Under every democratic rule, people are free to contest for their positions of interest, hence there is nothing wrong for Kgalajwe to have a dream of representing Batswana at Parliament level,” Billy said.

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