The plot thickens

At least the first seven people to witness the accident that took the life of Botswana Movement for Democracy (BMD) president, Gomolemo Motswaledi were police officers, a confidential Botswana Police report has provisionally found.

But the controversial whisking of Motswaledi’s body by members of the Special Support Group (SSG) fuels suspicion about circumstances leading to the death of BMD leader, the report adds. Motswaledi died aged 44 in a freak car accident near Pitsane in Borolong District in what many suspect was an arranged incident. A confidential document from Botswana Police– that helped reconstruct the final moments of the BMD leader - indicates that six police officers driving behind Motswaledi witnessed the accident when his Audi A3 veered off the road. He is said to have been attempting to overtake a vehicle driven by another police officer, Constable Rebabonye of Ramatlabama Police Station. This and other details are contained in a confidential preliminary document on the death of the 44 year-old politician. 

The report paints a disturbing picture about the “coincidence” that only members of Botswana Police Service were on their way and saw the accident before anyone else. “All the people to arrive at the scene were police officers,” the report said in part. But quite strange the involvement of SSG team at the scene baffled police and the report questions their handling of the matter. “The fact that the deceased was transported using SSG vehicle does not sound well to the public. There are questioning as to why the SSG were at the scene,” the preliminary report said. 

The report narrates vaguely that Constable Rebabonye is said to have seen Motswaledi’s Audi A3 sedan skidding off the tarmac when it attempted to overtake his vehicle. At least five of the seven officers declined to comment on the matter. Rebabonye is said to be on leave. It is not clear what immediately happened after Constable Rebabonye saw the fatal skid on his rear view mirror. The report says behind Motswaledi’s car was Sub Inspector Kgosietsile with Constable Difathi and Constable Lefadola, all of Ramatlabama Police Station. Quite strange, these officers’ vehicle was followed by yet another set of police officers’ vehicles also travelling to Gaborone. The report indicates that Sergeant Marumo of Woodhall Police was also driving behind the vehicle belonging to Ramatlabama police, followed by Constable Malefo and Constable Mfolwe. But the matter takes a different twist after the accident when members of the SSG come into the picture. The report is silent on how the SSG Land Cruiser emerged and whisked Motswaledi’s body away from the scene to Goodhope Primary Hospital-a reasonably short distance that ironically took about four hours. 

 One of the seven officers who spoke to Botswana Guardian on condition of anonymity said while he saw Motswaledi’s vehicle tumble, the issue is too sensitive to discuss. He could not explain where the members of SSG emerged from. “Honestly this cannot be discussed by me…,” he pleaded. The formation of vehicles tailing Motswaledi made the police to wonder and symphathise with suspicion making rounds that there is more than meets the eye in Motswaledi’s death. “They were all driving from Ramatlabama to Gaborone. This confirms (public) speculation. The public is failing to accept that it might have been a coincidence that members of Botswana Police Service were on their way and saw the accident,” adds the report. Botswana Police spokesperson, Christopher Mbulawa could not confirm or deny involvement of SSG. “The SSG are part of the police. I am not going to say they were there or not,” he said, advising the public to be patient with police investigation. “We are transparent in this matter. Ultimately people will know what happened,” he said. Assistant Commissioner, Kgosietsile Bosilong said all he is aware of is that some members of the SSG had travelled to the area as part of their preparation to bury one of their colleague from Khakhea. ”It could have been a coincidence,” he said.

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