Family speaks out

When the Botswana Guardian team arrived at the Motswaledi family home in the Makolojane ward in Serowe at 3.20 pm on Wednesday, perhaps the first sign of his death was the several vehicles parked just outside the perimeter wall.

The team also witnessed people entering the yard. Inside, on the veranda of the main house, sat a crowd of mourners with grief all over their faces. The atmosphere was very tense. Save for those entering the yard to join the silent gathering, there was little movement. Some two or three women, with rakes and grass brooms, were cleaning the yard evidently in anticipation of more people arriving.

The photographer had surreptitiously taken a photograph of the yard from outside and the biggest challenge was now for the team to introduce itself and get somebody to give us the story on the tragic accident that killed Gomolemo Motswaledi.

We got a good reception from the deceased uncle, Thero Badirwang who was however unable to say much in terms of details. “It is too early yet. We only got the bad news through our police here,” he said as he offered his phone number so that he could be contacted later when he would have something to say. The Serowe Police were also cagey with information. 

A source however said that Motswaledi attended an Umbrella for Democratic Change (UDC) rally over the weekend in Tsabong at the end of which he travelled to Johannesburg. Reports are that, the accident, the cause of which is still unclear, happened near Phitshane in the Barolong area on the Botswana side of the border on Wednesday morning.  

Motswaledi was president of the Botswana Movement for Democracy(BMD), secretary general of UDC which is an opposition coalition formed by the Botswana National Front(BNF), Botswana Peoples’ Party(BPP) and BMD. He was also the parliamentary candidate of the UDC for Gaborone central. 

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