DIS after Isaac Kgosi

Calls for the Director General of the Directorate of Intelligence and Security to be fired over allegations of questionable business dealings and possible corrupt activities have sparked debate as to who is suitable to replace the man who a couple of months ago was thought to be indispensable. 

Observers say that Kgosi’s fall from grace has serious political implications on Khama’s administration, powerbase and legacy. The allegations and even his own admissions under questioning by the Directorate on Corruption and Economic Crime have been so damaging that some in the intelligence community including within the DIS are calling for Kgosi to be axed. According to a local security expert who preferred not to be identified for security reasons president Khama has two options. “In all the options Kgosi has to go,” he says. 

Taking Kgosi’s bullet

The first option will be for Khama to take the political bullet for his security and long-time trustee by coming out to protect him. “This may include but not limited to redeploying him to OP to be head of presidential security or simply retiring him on favourable terms and conditions with assurance of no further prosecution.” He said Khama could achieve this by deliberately undermining the rule of law or possibly manipulating DPP to drop charges. “However, he would have to bear the burden of being accused of defeating the ends of justice and tolerating corruption but that’s too little a price to pay for a man who has served you with unreserved loyalty.” According to the analyst by coming out to protect his ‘buddy,’ Khama could also come under immense political pressure and criticism – inside the ruling party and outside. There is no doubt that Kgosi’s saga is adversely affecting the image of the BDP, the analyst adds. He says the popularity of the party in the urban areas will be dented further should Khama ‘take the bullet for his man’. 

Leave Isaac to fight his battles 

According to the expert, the other option will be for Khama to fire Kgosi and stay away from his battles. This is what other leaders in modern democratic set-ups would do. According to the expert the move would go a long way to prove to the world that Kgosi did his mess without the blessing or the knowledge of the president. “He can however continue to give him underhand support and protection to ensure he doesn’t abandon him.” 

If Isaac is on his way out, who is likely to come in?

Brig. Peter Fana Magosi

He is currently serving as Commanding Officer 1 Brigade. He is a seasoned former commando and military intelligence chief with sound operational competence. He is reportedly commanding a lot of sympathy and support from the troops. Having served as Chief of MI for several years and having been directly implicated in the killing of John Kalafatis and the wire-tapping of Maj. Gen (retired) Pius Mokgware, he certainly has secrets on his sleeves. The manner in which he handled and dealt with the recent saga of the missing spy equipment has proven his will is beyond doubt. The mere fact that he did not hesitate to appoint a once-adversary lawyer in Dick Bayford to represent him is testimony of his will- to do that which the enemy will hesitate to do. It is widely known that Magosi is not in good terms with his military boss Lt. Gen. Galebotswe and chances of him being promoted to the rank of Maj. Gen are as slim as a needle. It is therefore advisable for him to be deployed elsewhere as it happened with Brig. George Tlhalerwa.

Col. David Cullen Nkete

He is the current Chief of MI and has also been implicated in the missing spy equipment. It is alleged that he is used by General Gaolatlhe Galebotswe to get Magosi. His American wife has recently come under spotlight on allegations that she is an American spy. The allegations prompted the US Embassy to release a statement denying the allegations. He is a graduate of several military schools in India and USA and has published a religious book called. For the Weapons of our Warfare; understanding the basic attack tactics of the adversary against the end-times Christians.

Senior Assistant Commissioner David Mosetse 

While it is highly improbable that President Khama may appoint a career police officer for the DIS job, this may be the only way for Khama to bring credibility to the organisation. Again for several years now DIS officers who were previously with Botswana Police Service have been complaining that Kgosi has been overlooking them when it comes to issues of promotion and opportunities within the spy organisation. Appointing a seasoned and credible person like Mosetse may just be the needed panacea to the DIS problems. Mosetse is the current head of Crime Intelligence Branch at Botswana Police. 

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