We are ready to lead-Saleshando

The Botswana Congress Party (BCP) has been the good and faithful servant and deserves to be in-charge of many things- says the party president Dumelang Saleshando.

Speaking at the party’s manifesto launch over the weekend Saleshando could have been mistaken for a preacher when he based his address from biblical parables.

The BCP president was boosting about how his party was the only one, which was able to grow its numbers in parliament, from five to eight after the 2009 general election.  According to him just like the three servants in the book of Matthew 25 verse 30, who were given asserts and only the loyal one was able to double the value of what he was given, the BCP also did just that.

He said other political parties could be likened to evil and lazy slaves as they performed less as they return to voters with less that what they were allocated by the voters in 2009.

Said Saleshando; “if the Lord was to speak to us today BCP would be addressed as a good and faithful servant. We deserve to be given most of the seats including those that were won by the parties that deserve the title of evil and lazy.”

The BCP president noted that as the country approaches the elections it faces challenges of high unemployment particularly amongst the youth, an economy dominated by foreigners, unreliable supply of water and electricity, crisis in education, lack of access to land and conflict with labour organisations.

“Botswana is not facing all this challenges because of some pre-ordained curse,” he said, adding that things are falling apart due to leadership failure.

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