Tsvangirai doesn’t offer anything

Renowned Zimbabwean writer and social justice activist Ndzimu Unami Emmanuel Moyo says there is nothing new that Morgan Tsvangirai’s Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) can offer Zimbabweans.
“They are talking about removing Mugabe (Robert) from power but the question is what policies do they have that can liberate Zimbabweans from both economic and political chains?

They do not have clear policies.” Moyo said that Tsvangirai and his ministers are not credible leaders and are not different from Mugabe and his cronies. “I am a believer in self determination and advocate for federal state where the people can govern themselves and speak their languages.’’ He said that the only difference between the two parties MDC T and ZANU PF is that the latter hates freedom of expression.

“Tsvangirai’s ministers in the unity government are involved in corruption and people have lost hope and trust in them.” Asked which party offers the best policies that can take Zimbabwe to greater heights, Moyo said that MDC led by Welshman Ncube has clear policies.

‘’I have checked both parties websites to understand their policies and came with no understanding of what policies MDC T come with.”? The author of ‘Rebirth of Bukalanga’ said that he has been detained three times this year for his advocacy for social justice.

“I support Professor Ncube’s proposal for devolution of power because it makes the communities independent and the central government can focus on other important issues.’’Moyo said that Botswana and Zimbabwe has the same policies on the marginalization of ‘minority tribes,’ which he said that in the long run will fuel tribal wars.“When we reclaim our identity we are accused of being tribalistic and the very people who are accusing us of that are the ones who are being politically tribalistic.’’?

He said that the two countries must learn from Zambia and South Africa, which are celebrating their languages.

“In Zimbabwe they promote only shona and debele and in Botswana it is setswana while there are other languages that need to be celebrated and taught in schools.I do not need to forfeit my language to be a good citizen.”

Last modified on Wednesday, 31 July 2013 16:12

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