Focus on branding Botswana- Proudly SA boss

Economic indicators show that Batswana prefer imported goods more at the expense of locally made products.

Speaking at the on going Global Expo, Botswana Confederation of Commerce, Industry and Manpower (BOCCIM) president, Leta Mosienyane revealed that indicators show that Batswana do not support local products.

The BOCCIM leader is of the view that of the P100 billion consumed goods per year P20 billion should at least be coming to local companies. “Local businesses are missing out on P20 billion per year, this is a clear indication that we are not buying goods from Batswana.”

Mosienyane said there is need to support local enterprises so that they grow to even expand outside the country and get established outside. He noted that it should not be enough that other companies are setting up in Botswana whilst Batswana are not setting up business at their countries.
In his remark Proudly South Africa Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Advocate Leslie Sedibe said the problem is that Batswana are too relaxed and they are not willing grab lucrative opportunities available.

“The tourism industry has to be branded in a way that people see and look at Botswana,” he said, adding that despite the cattle population in the country, it’s a shame that Botswana is still exporting milk form South Africa.

Sedibe said Botswana need to focus on national branding, competitiveness, and productivity, provision of high quality products and services and sustainable development.

Sedibe further noted that people need to be proud to be Africans and that they have industries that can produce goods they need. “We have to look out for our own country first and how it can grow and benefit from available opportunities,” he said.

“China has a strategy for Africa, hence Africa should have a strategy for China and have equal beneficiation,” he said, adding that Africa should stop being a generation of consumers and reduce the high import bills that “our countries are facing and begin exporting.”

Last modified on Thursday, 28 November 2013 12:44

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