Boko slams Khama’s speech

The Botswana National Front (BNF) leader, Duma Boko held no punches as he branded President Ian Khamas a self-praising confident liar who has little regard for Batswana’s plight.

He was responding to Khama’s State of the Nations Address (SONA) on Wednesday at Falcon Crest. In a strong worded address to journalists, Boko said Khama presented “an unbalanced, shameful speech” with concocted statistics. “There are no timelines and deliverables,” noted Boko. “How much longer do we need to hear about ‘planning’ without actual delivery taking place?” “Ours is a president who says one thing to appease Batswana, and then does another to please himself and his inner circle. This isn’t a president of action and delivery.

It is a presidency more concerned with political game playing and maintaining the support of the poor in rural areas,” he said. The only thing Khama has successfully accomplished according to Boko is convincing the gullible masses that by his random walkabouts, they are being listened to and taken seriously. He said the BNF was dismayed and disappointed at the shallow, vague and uninspiring speech, which lacked substance on pertinent issues affecting the people.  “His inability to articulate in detail how he intends to have a paradigm shift to deal with improving people’s lives is a serious concern for us,” Boko said.  He singled out employment, corruption and continued disregard for human rights as some of the key areas that need serious attention.

He said Khama needed to give unambiguous leadership about how jobs were going to be created and the economy stimulated. He said now more than ever, there was need to rescue and revive democracy from Khama’s regime which seems to have a tight grip on government media thus imposing a near blackout on any positive coverage for opposition parties. 

“ Is that democracy he boasts about?” Boko questioned. “The reality is that the speech had nothing for Batswana except ill constructed fiction intended to conceal his government’s greed,” Boko said.

Last modified on Thursday, 14 November 2013 16:21

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