DPSM orders BDP councillor to resign

Public Service employees who have been found to be sitting councilors will be asked to resign from the public service.

Botswana Guardian unearthed information that a Botswana Democratic councillor in Ramatlabama ward was working as a night watchman at Artificial Insemination government department after he won election in 2009. DPSM, Director, Carter Morupisi said in an interview that they are investigating the incident that a public officer who is a sitting councilor was employed by government. Morupisi stated that there was a high possibility that some of the industrial workers who were not regulated by Public Service Act took advantage to stand for elections.

“Prior to the enactment of the Public Service Act the industrial workers were allowed to stand for council seats around the country. But since the enactment of Public Service Act in 2010 they were converted to permanent and pensionable employees which means that they will no longer be allowed to stand for elections,” said Morupisi. Botswana Federation of Public Service Union secretary Johnson Motshwarakgole said Morupisi was “lying” when he said that industrial workers are not allowed to stand for council positions.  

He stated that the collective labour agreement between manual workers and government allow industrial workers to stand for council positions. “Collective agreement is something that has been negotiated by government and manual workers union before.

You don’t come with your degree and convert people using the Public Service Act and claim that they will no longer be allowed to stand for council elections. So they should respect the agreement because to denounce that it should be done through the collective labour agreement that was signed by government and manual workers,” added Motshwarakgole.

He said that victimising industrial workers who stood for elections before the Public Service Act cannot be used to restrict industrial workers since the Public Service Act was enacted in 2010 after 2009 election.


Last modified on Friday, 25 October 2013 08:55

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