Amos moves to North East

Francistown city clerk Charles Amos has been transferred to North East District with effect from 1st of October 2013 hardly a year into the job.

The transfer letter was read by Mayor James Kgalajwe during the special full council on Wednesday. Since he took over as city clerk, Amos has never had a cordial relationship with the civic leaders and was constantly engaged in heated arguments.

Last year November Amos and Monarch South councillor Ignatius Moswaane nearly exchanged blows after a heated argument in the council chambers, after Amos told the maverick councillor that he is just a mere driver. This year Amos was at loggerheads with councillors when they accused his administration of failing to provide services to the people of Francistown.

Former mayor Shadreck Nyeku accused him of making himself a demi god. Some employees within FCC who spoke on condition of anonymity revealed that Amos ‘transfer’ was inevitable as it was clear that his working relationship with the city councillors has broken down irreparably.

Sources said Gothaetse Dipholo, the current council secretary for Central District Council (CDC) will be the man in charge of FCC. Dipholo is a former school head and will be expected to put FCC administration in order.

Last modified on Friday, 27 September 2013 13:47

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