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A senior official of the Botswana Federation of Public Sector Unions has called on workers to participate in opposition politics in order to liberate Botswana.

Addressing about 60 people at a public rally at Ditshegwane on Sunday, BOFEPUSU deputy secretary Ketlhalefile Motshegwa reiterated that all “revolutions in history were brought about by the participation of workers in politics,” and cited the examples of South Africa, Britain, Zambia and Zimbabwe where workers’ power was used to transform the political landscape in favour of the workers and ordinary people.

He accused Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) government of insensitivity especially towards the welfare of workers. “Both cabinet and the judiciary are instruments of the ruling party. They exist to protect the interests of the BDP. This is a party committed to the protection of the rich and powerful. We should escalate our struggle and align ourselves with the opposition,” he appealed. According to Motshegwa, it is the duty of the workers to participate in opposition politics in order to liberate Botswana. He appealed to the workers to “protect ourselves in 2014. But we need to begin here.

Let us show these people that were are tired by voting Filbert Nagafela of the Umbrella for Democratic Change (UDC),” he concluded, adding that BOFEPUSU members should engage in house to house visits and de-campaign the BDP in favour of UDC. For his part Motseothata Goapane, a BOFEPUSU official said that, by “abusing” the workers the government of Botswana has lost the moral right to criticize other governments for dictatorship. “The BDP is an irresponsible government,” he charged. Gopane added that to counter the alleged BDP’s exploitation of Botswana, “We have opened our scope of membership where we will register Ipelegeng laborers, unemployed youth. We want to become a confederation.”  Motshegwa had earlier accused BDP government of lack of respect for rule of law, citing the unilateral decision to include into the essential service category teachers, drivers, cooks as wells as the dismissal of same without a hearing following the 2011 public servants strike.


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