Ambassadors designate Mokaila and Mangole bid Masisi farewell

Dikarabo Ramadubu - BG reporter
Friday, 14 August 2020
Ambassadors designate Mokaila and Mangole bid Masisi farewell

President Dr Mokgweetsi Masisi bid farewell to Ambassador designate to the United States of America Kitso Mokaila and High Commissioner designate to India Gilbert Mangole.The two newly appointed  are retired  politicians who served in the 2014 -2019 Parliament. Mokaila is also former cabinet minister.

Mangole, a former opposition Member of Botswana Movement for Democracy (BMD) and Mokaila will leave any  day from next week depending on the availability of flight connections to their respective destinations. Giving them his final word before they depart, Masisi told them individually that he was very glad that they have acceded to his request to go and serve our country at high positions. He sad he appointed Mokaila to represent the interests of the presidency and this country. "You know the history between Botswana and the USA countries and its people go back a long way.

"Over the years we had enormous projects that we have undertaken with the Americans and skipping over the major projects in the sectors of water, education, infrastructure, human capital development. "There is hardly anybody in senior management in government who did not study and benefitted from the USA". He implored Mokaila to focus his attention on cultivating very warm fraternal and mutually beneficial relationship with the American peoples and to promote Botswana's wildlife and economy given his experience, expertise and contacts.

Mokaila, a former minister of mineral and energy, is well acquainted with the diamond sector and Kimberlite process and hence is the best candidate to promote the country's minerals. Masisi reiterated that his government is committed  to transforming Botswana’s economy to a knowledge based economy. He said USA  is one of the most successful spheres  of influence in the knowledge economy space, they have got the infrastructure , human , financial capital assistance necessary to learn from and collaborate with.

He said Mokaila's whole term will be occupied with doing that, whether, it is in the agric space for our beef, our crops and vegetables or fishes , our wild game products ,diamonds , coal ,copper or whatever  may come out if the value edition. In response  Mokaila  said it  is an honour and privilege  to be given this opportunity to serve the country. "I can only pledge to do my  best specifically to  the tourism, ITC  I go there  knowing that I am armed  enough".

Turning to Mangole, Masisi said Botswana and India have many commonalties chief among which is the parliamentary – minister influence of democratic dispensation. “Now that you are a public servant, it is my hope that with the skills and talents that you have, particularly in the field of economic trade, you can advance Botswana’s interests”. He said Botswana and India have very strong relations in the diamond space.

"As Botswana we have the resources, but India has the funds and the population, " he said. In response Mangole said he was shocked to receive a call from the president. I never expected what was to come out but when you imparted a request to me and my wife, I felt so honoured   that given the recent interactions in the political space you  found it fit nonetheless  to appoint me to high office. "Let me assure you that I will do my best to fulfil the mandate that you bestowed upon me.

"The bottom line is I am a Motswana first I will do everything in my power of course within the bounds of human error to do my best to serve the country and not disappoint you. "I am very much looking forward to your state visit in India and let me assure you that once that becomes possible, I am sure we will have taken one or two steps" .

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