Babereki Investments loses over P400, 000 in fumigation and lost business

Dikarabo Ramadubu 
Sunday, 05 April 2020
Babereki Investments loses over P400, 000 in fumigation and lost business


Babereki Investments – the owners of the Ramotswa-based Babereki Ka Lorato Funeral Services – on Saturday morning fumigated their premises in preparation to re-open business next week Tuesday. Babereki closed their mortuary late last month after it was discovered that an elderly deceased woman who was placed in the mortuary had died of the Coronavirus. The deceased is the only death related to COVID- 19 that has been registered in the country thus far.


Speaking to BG Online, Babereki Managing Director Wilfred Rasina said they accommodated the deceased at their mortuary after being told she had died of Asthma. “We were only to learn after the burial that the deceased had tested positive for Coronavirus. It was then during that process that we had to close down the actual mortuary, the premises and all the employees had to go for quarantine, they are still being quarantined and all those who got into contact with the deceased.


“So, today as you can see we are fumigating the place so that we can reopen the premises for business. We will skip a day tomorrow and then we will fumigate again on Monday so that we can be able to open for business on Tuesday,” Rasina said. He said it was obvious that the whole process of fumigation as well as loss of business has cost them a lot of money up to P400, 000. Further, he said they are now compelled to engage interim staffers since the full-time employees are on quarantine.


“We are paying for salaries for people who are not here we are also losing our actual daily business because the mortuary is closed, but we understand that there is a pandemic, we are just stating the implications and that businesses should learrn from us”. He said they were merely an example of what can happen to any other enterprise since no business is immune from the devastating effects of the COVID-19 pandemic







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