Rammidi blasts BDP cadres as ‘crybabies

Nicholas Mokwena BG reporter
Thursday, 27 September 2018
Kentse Rammidi Kentse Rammidi

Former Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) Secretary General, Kentse Rammidi has lashed out at fellow democrats for being crybabies when it comes to serving the party.

Rammidi who recently defected from opposition Botswana Congress Party where he also served as secretary general expressed concern that there is low level of commitment from BDP members when it comes to actively participating in party activities. He explained that he has participated in all forms of elections and what he has learnt in his past political life is that there is commitment in opposition cadres.

“BDP members should be blamed for the poor performance of the party during elections. It is not that opposition win elections because they have a relevant message to the voter. They do not talk anything sensible that can convince the electorates to give them their votes. It is because of commitment, hard work and compromise. Without these within the BDP members we would not win convincingly,” Rammidi said when addressing a political rally in Ledumang- Gaborone North Constituency this past weekend.

Rammidi has observed that BDP members want to be treated with kid’s gloves when they do party assignments. They would always want whoever they are canvassing votes for to do everything for them before they actively get involved. “Things that BDP members do are surprising. You will find that a candidate loses election because his or her spouse has failed to register. When you have an event they want you to do everything for them.

“When they travel to a party activity you will find that only two people travel in a car leaving others behind. Where I come from in the opposition there is a lot of compromise. They even share the little they have. BDP members will want you to buy them chicken-licken but in the opposition even if they have a loaf of bread and milk they are good to go just like members of this other church I would not mention,” he told the poorly attended voter registration star rally.

Rammidi warned democrats to desist from only working during Bulela-Ditswe. He wondered why a council candidate would be voted by 200 people but fail to bring only 50 people to the rally. He said the difference is commitment which is what the opposition prioritises.

The former legislator pointed out that he managed to introduce BCP in Kanye North through commitment which resulted in the party pulling 4000 votes in 2014 general elections. He warned against claims that the opposition is dead. He said a limping opposition is dangerous.

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