Is Mohwasa failing as BNF Secretary General?

Nicholas Mokwena BG reporter
Wednesday, 15 August 2018
Secretary General Moeti Mohwasa Secretary General Moeti Mohwasa

Botswana National Front (BNF) Veterans Association has accused the party’s Central Committee of snubbing them.

The association Chairman Patrick Kgoadi said their report was not discussed during the Rakops conference. He said they had hoped that the Central Committee would have called them to a meeting through Secretary General Moeti Mohwasa where the report would be discussed. Kgoadi stated that the veterans have sought a meeting with the Central Committee since April 2018.

“The veterans seek advice and clarification on central committee’s failure to hold meetings. The Executive Committee which runs the affairs of the Central Committee between scheduled meetings of the Central Committee and the Central Committee which runs the BNF between Congresses and Conferences has been failing to meet. As the veterans we demand explanation,” said Kgoadi.

He indicated that in the build-up to the conference, BNF President Advocate Duma Boko wrote letters dated 17th May 2018 to the Regions for them to submit reports, a duty he said falls under secretary general’s office. He questioned if this means Mohwasa is failing his office and if so has the party leadership reprimanded him.

“On the issue regarding the Treasurer General’s office, funds to finance the Rakops 2018 Conference and buses have been reported to be paid for by the President. Is there a change of policy of the BNF that all activities would be financed by the President in his personal capacity or by the BNF?

“How much has been expended. Has the Central Committee sanctioned such activity of funding BNF activities?” asked Kgoadi adding that they want answers from the leadership.
The veterans are this weekend meeting in Kanye to mobilise members. Kgoadi revealed that they are mobilising members in all the regions. He said hey want BNF veterans to be part of the veterans’ association.

He indicated that at the meeting they would also discuss status of the BNF and the developments in the UDC. BNF veterans have been calling on the BNF to leave the UDC and start talks with other political movements and unions.
The veteran association was formed through a resolution during a BNF Conference in Mahalapye in 2001. It was recognized as one of the party’s organs in Mahalapye recently. The association is the only BNF structure that has called on the party to leave UDC. 

BNF Information and Publicity Secretary Justin Hunyepa said there is no may the Central Committee would refuse to meet an auxiliary body of the party. He said the issues that the veterans want discussed with the central committee could have been discussed during the party’s last month conference in Rakops.

“Veterans as an auxiliary body just like Youth League and Women’s League were at the conference. They were participating in the three commissions where issues were discussed.

They could have raised those issues during the commission for discussions,” said Hunyepa advising the veterans to follow-up with the party’s secretary general if they have any other outstanding issues.
Hunyepa said being the elders of the party the veterans are supposed to know the procedure within the BNF.

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