WUC fire managers

Some of the general managers of Water Utilities Corporation  (WUC) responsible for operations and water supply in some of the 16 stations throughout the country have been fired for alleged non-performance.  
This is part of the corporation‘s plan to meet the set targets of their three-year water strategy, Botswana Guardian has learnt.

The expelled general manager in one of the stations in the southern part of the country was allegedly not coping even after being guided and mentored to toe the line. It is said two other general managers who man two major villages in the western part of the country are likely to follow unless if they measure up. They have already been allegedly written final warnings.

Further, several officers have received warning letters to show cause why they cannot be called for disciplinary hearings. This comes just a few days after the resignation of WUC Deputy Chief Executive Officer responsible for Technical Support Services, Judy Tsonope whose portfolio covered human resources and finance.

She resigned from her position within the first year of her three-year contract amidst allegations that she may have been pushed out. The resignations come in the wake of a three-year strategy (April 2012 to March 2015) developed by the water corporation to provide quality water throughout the country.

WUC recently took over water supply functions from both local government and the defunct Department of Water Affairs through the Water Sector Reforms, which costs millions of pula, and hopes to improve service delivery in 45 villages.

But as things stand, WUC faces numerous challenges concerning customers’ bills as well as revenue collection. Botswana Guardian has learnt that WUC is under tremendous pressure from all quarters in all its 16 management centres.

On introspection it became clear that some general managers were not coping despite the mentoring, guidance and training they have received thus far. It is alleged that the recruitment of staff was political and none of the authorities wanted their staff to be laid off and in turn some of such staff members are not coping with the transformation and transition.

Operations and water sector director, Harry Pheko could not be drawn to discuss this issue, while the Corporate Communications Manager, Matida Mmipi confirmed that service delivery and customer satisfaction were top of the WUC agenda and that systems are in place to manage performance of all employees.

She said performance management could reveal a need for further training or other corrective measures or relevant disciplinary measures against the affected employees. “These outcomes however are discussed and addressed internally and remain between the employer and employee”.

Last modified on Wednesday, 31 July 2013 16:29

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