Miller implores Govt. and Media to work together

Yvonne Mooka
Monday, 21 August 2017
United States Ambassador Earl Miller United States Ambassador Earl Miller

United States Ambassador Earl Miller has urged members of the Press to do their work without fear of intimidation from government officials.Speaking at a capacity building workshop aiming at ‘engaging the government,’ Ambassador Miller said that the media and government should work together without intimidation. He said that journalists are important as they give the public chance to know the truth about countries and governments. “That makes us better. It makes us stronger. It keepss us stronger, and it gives voice to the voiceless,” he said. 

 Miller also noted that media exposes injustice and holds leaders accountable. He cautioned however that ethical and transparent media coverage is foundational for free and open societies. This, he said, promotes accountability and sparks public debate. “Societies built on good governance, strong civil society and an open and free media are more prosperous, stable and secure,” he stated.  The Ambassador added that in order for the media, both private and public, to do its job successfully, it is important for journalists to be able to effectively engage with government officials to provide balanced and transparent reporting on issues of public interest.  Brian Neubert, spokesperson of Africa Media Hub facilitated the workshop, which comprised discussions on U.S. government engagement with the media, perspectives from the Washington DC and a panel discussion on government perspectives on media engagement.

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