‘I have nothing against Masisi’ - Botsalo Ntuane

Nicholas Mokwena
Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) Secretary General Botsalo Ntuane has reiterated that his relationship with party Chairman Mokgweetsi Masisi is as healthy as before they were voted into office in 2015.

There have been allegations that the relationship between the two has soured over the years ever since Mmadinare where they were both voted into their current positions for the first time. The alleged sour relationship according to sources is one of the reasons why most of Ntuane’s responsibilities were taken from him and assigned other people. Ntuane no longer held the steering wheel in the recruitment drive, which has since been taken over by Masisi. 

Another assignment that fell under Ntuane’s office was that of party structures where he would visit branches and regions with the aim of reviving them. This assignment has since been given to a subcommittee of the central committee - the Political Education and Elections Committee (PEEC), which is headed by central committee additional member Gaothaetse Matlhabaphiri. 

This week Ntuane said he has nothing against Masisi who is also the Vice President. He said they share a life even outside politics. “I have even been to VP’s place for three times this year where we discussed political issues and issues not related to politics. We have a good relationship and we have been working very well closely”, said Ntuane when defending his non-inclusion in Masisi camp. 

The BDP will this weekend vote into office a new central committee in Tonota. Masisi will be defending his seat against Minister of Infrastructure and Housing Development Nonofo Molefhi. Ntuane is the only member of the current central committee not in Masisi’s lobby list. Ntuane defended this arrangement saying he does not believe in lobby lists. He explained that he decided to go solo because lobby lists do not unite the party but rather divides the party.

“I am not for lobby lists. They have not done any good for the party. I decided to go solo just two years back because I want to appeal to all democrats. But this does not mean I have anything with those in lobby lists I just want to be the secretary general of all democrats. I want after the congress to work with everyone not having to face other people from another lobby list that I was decampaigning”, he revealed. 

Ntuane however stated that he gets along with all those he is competing against. “We do meet occasionally with Molefhi where we share a cup of coffee. Balopi our offices are next to each other’s so we always meet and chat while Nkate we do converse over the phone.” He said lobby lists divide them because eligible voters would choose to associate with a certain lobby list ignoring other people who are not in that particular list. 

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