Ghanzi Horse Endurance Relay team reaches final destination

Friday, 12 May 2017
Ghanzi Horse Endurance Relay team reaches final destination Botswana Guardian

Ghanzi Horse Endurance Relay team just completed their journey that started on Monday morning to Gaborone this afternoon towards Lady Khama Charitable Trust.

About four riders reached the completion of the relay race in Gabane, which marked the completion of the 700 Km relay race. As if they did not ride for a long time, they all still looked energetic and told the media team present that they were glad to have made it for charity. Christiaan De Jager said that although he did not train for the race, he managed and found it relaxing, compared to the competitive races that he always take part in, in South Africa. For Dagam Qgam from Ghanzi, he also said that he was happy that he has made it to Gaborone on a horse, just for improving someone’s life, while Hannah Taylor also emphasized that doing something for charity always excites. “It was the first time I have ridden on a horse for this longer time but I am not even stiff because I have been practicing just to make it for this charity work and it was quiet exciting,” she said.

Organiser of the initiative, Christian De Graaf noted that the initiative has this year raised close to P1,5 Million towards Lady Khama Charitable Trust. He said that this year, they are going to build a day care centre in Gumare, since the initiative is solely meant to stretch a giving hand to the less fortunate. He added that charity work is closer to his heart and he has always been impressed by the way Lady Khama Charitable Trust helps the less privileged, when he started this initiative in 2010. “ Now that Lady Khama is no more, we should also continue to do what she did so that through this trust her legacy must live on,” De Graaf said, adding that they have so far risen more than P10 million towards the trust.

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