Khama and Kenyatta take jibes at Britain

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Monday, 04 July 2016
Khama and Kenyatta take jibes at Britain

On Brexit
Khama: “Although recent events show that the United Kingdom is struggling a bit with that unity as a result of recent referendum, one thing I think we can learn in our Union- the African Union, is that the governments and parliaments on this continent should always consult our citizens on key issues of our sovereignty, whether they be immigration, free movements across the border, single currencies and the autonomy of our legal entity. It is very important as we were discussing coming here that we do that. I think we can learn no lesson on how to run a referendum, particularly as we were discussing. I hope the British High Commissioner is not here.

We have a situation in the UK recently where you can have the prime minister passionately trying to sell the UK  to remain in  the EU and then  you have some of his  ministers joining the opposition to say let us leave the EU. It is something we have not yet come to understand. Of course at our independence we tried to borrow a lot from the Westminster  system,  but obviously it has moved on because apparently  they are doing things differently and maybe we need to go and benchmark how they are doing things now.”
Kenyatta: “I want to concur with my friend (Khama) to say that we have more that we can learn from each other, today we share much more in common because if we look at our historical past as we share a common colonial history, we were once told the sun never set on the British empire. But today, it looks like the sun is setting on the British isles. As Africans we need to ask ourselves if we want to ensure the sun never sets on Africa, what can we  learn from each other so that we can pull on our respective strength to keep the hopes and dreams of our children alive, while at the same time respecting the sovereignty of our nations, but accepting that there are some areas  where me must work in close collaboration in order to secure a common future for all of us.”
On wildlife

Kenyatta: “Both of our countries hold our wildlife in high regard and we have often stood together in conservation efforts including at the giant club earlier in Nairobi, and indeed we share many ideals. We are adamantly opposed to alcoholism and committed to curbing this. We have a stronger and more resilient relationship between our two countries and our people.”
Khama: “It is worth noting that both our Governments attach a lot of importance to wildlife conservation and management. In view of the enormous potential that this natural resource has in contributing to the growth of our respective economies, we need to do all in our power to ensure its preservation and sustenance for present and future generations. It is, however, disturbing that incidences of poaching and illegal trade in wildlife seem to be increasing on the continent.”
On Business

Addressing Kenyatta, Khama further said he was pleased that in Kenyatta’s delegation there were members of the Kenyan business community. “I am therefore confident that the Botswana-Kenya Business Seminar that you are scheduled to officiate tomorrow will provide an invaluable opportunity for our business community to further engage and build on the momentum that has been gained to further strengthen investment and trade relations between our two countries”.
Sons of former presidents

Khama: “I should perhaps also indicate that we share some common denominators, in that we are both the 4th Presidents of our respective Republics. We are also sons of the founder Presidents of our countries.”
Peace and security

Khama told Kenyatta that another notable challenge which continues to elude a number of African countries relates to the maintenance of peace and security. “As a result, many of our people still suffer unjustly in a continent that is endowed with immense natural wealth.

Whilst conflicts in some African countries remain unabated, I wish to commend your leadership and the tireless efforts of your Government to restore peace and stability in Burundi, Somalia and South Sudan”.

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