Huawei launches SFTF during 10th Anniversary

Tuesday, 17 November 2015
Huawei launches SFTF during 10th Anniversary

The world leading information and communications technology (ICT) solutions provider Huawei has hosted its 10th Anniversary in Botswana and launched its global ICT training programme seeds for the future.

The company signed an MOU regarding the cultivation of ICT talents with the Botswana Government represented by Moiseraele Goya, Acting Minister of Education and Skills Development. Giving the key note speech at the ceremony, Goya said that as a world leading ICT company, Huawei’s cooperation with local partners has greatly enhanced the ICT development in Botswana. He mentioned that the development of ICT is categorised in three stages, namely connectivity, application and standard. He wished that Huawei can work together with local partners to bring more innovative applications so that the people can reap greater benefits of the ICT.

The assistant minister further mentioned that to move Botswana faster into the next stage of standard definition, the key lies in talent training and skills transfer. He complimented Huawei for launching the seeds for the future ICT Training Program and committing to the cultivation of local talents. He hoped that the participating students can make full use of this trip to learn the most advanced ICT technologies and after their graduation, to become the backbone for the country’s ICT industry and unleash their potential for the development of the nation.

The Chinese Ambassador Zheng Zhuqiang mentioned that 10 years was a crucial time frame for a country’s ICT development and he was happy to see that Huawei had worked tirelessly with its local partners to provide the most innovative telecommunications services to people in Botswana. The Ambassador said it takes 10 years to grow trees and 100 years to cultivate talents. He commended Huawei for its vision by identifying the nurturing of local ICT talents and knowledge transfer as the engine of empowering the local community. He said that Huawei had demonstrated itself as a responsible corporate citizen that grows together with Botswana by initiating the seeds for the future programme.

Huawei Botswana’s Managing Director Gao Wenli, shared his understanding of Huawei, stating that mentioned that the company is a responsible corporate citizen, a private company that strictly abides by standard industry practices and local customs, an ICT thought and innovation leader, and a supporter of national ICT initiatives and local industries. He said that the Seeds for the Future program is a perfect example of the company’s corporate social responsibility.  He informed that Huawei is always committed to the development of local communities and job creation: of Huawei Botswana’s 80 staff, over 70% are locally employed. He also said that the company is currently the largest patent holder in China. He believes the seed students will unleash their potential to make positive impact on the development of Botswana. Seeds for the future is Huawei’s largest Corporate Social Responsibility event in which Huawei leverages its world-leading ICT technologies to cultivate ICT professionals and thus drive knowledge transfer.

Participating students will have the chance to study the latest ICT technologies, Huawei’s corporate culture and management experience, visit Huawei’s exhibition halls and campuses, as well as learn about the Chinese culture.
This year, Huawei has chosen the University of Botswana as its partner for its pilot seeds programme in Botswana. The Company’s Communications Manager said Huawei will continuously cultivate talents for Botswana and will propose to renew their MOU with the Botswana Government after two delegations of trainees.