Marshal is racist – Masire


Former President, Ketumile Masire has labelled Clive Marshal- former Botswana Meat Commission (BMC) General Manager Livestock Procurement a racist who has created a monopoly in the feedlot sector.

“Clive Marshal is more racist than Verwoerd (Hendrik),” blasted Masire this week as he gave evidence before the Special Select Committee of Parliament conducting an inquiry into the BMC and the decline of the country’s beef industry.

Verwoerd is a former South African Prime Minister, considered to be the primary architect of apartheid.

The former President was not apologetic about his opinion on Marshal saying the former General Manager had a few people - white people who on his wisdom he has decided that they will win tenders to feedlot for BMC.

Masire who owns a feedlot in Lobatse told the committee that contrary to reports he is struggling to get a foothold on the business because first he has to break into the monopoly.

When he gave evidence before the same committee Marshal claimed that he tried by all means to assist Masire to have his feedlot competitive. But Masire dismissed this claims Thursday. “There is no grain of truth in that,” said the former President.

“I am one of the successful farmers in Botswana and by blocking me you are blocking everybody.”

According to him when he approached BMC he had experience in the business as from 1965 to 1979 he operated a feedlot.

Masire said he had only held BMC cattle at his Lobatse Feedlot on two occasions. The first time was by accident as BMC had overbought cattle and wanted someone to hold them and that’s when they approached him.

Masire revealed that a black man couldn’t break into the cartel created by Marshal adding that even Patrick Balopi tried but failed. The former president stated that he is currently holding cattle for BMC but he has not yet been informed whether he has been accredited or not.


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