Rich Molale encourages tapping natural resources

The Minister of Presidential Affairs and Public Administration Eric Molale has urged the residents of Otse and surrounding villages, especially civil servants, to use locally available natural resources to create business opportunities.

Speaking at a business budget seminar in Otse on Thursday last week, Molale stressed that economic development is not the responsibility of government alone. People can put their minds to good use to devise projects for the long-term benefit of their fellow Batswana. He encouraged people to find ways of fighting poverty through use of natural resources in their areas.

“You are also a part of the government and should also strive for a better life,” he said. Molale, a cattle baron with ranches in Borolong and Ghanzi, appealed to public officers in remote areas to start their own businesses using natural resources such as wild fruits and cow dung. He assured public servants in remote areas like Otse that they were not forgotten.

The MP for Shoshong Philip Makgalemele spoke about a programme they began in 2012 named Shoshong   Constituency, Your Investment Destination, which holds workshops for people to showcase their businesses every year.  He encouraged people to use government programmes such as ISPAAD.

“We have even sent two people from our constituency to India to study how to generate power using the sun,” he said.Makgalemele commended Molale for suggesting viable business ideas to the people of Otse.

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