Ministries require close to P800 million Bobirwa

Government ministries require an estimated total of P792 130 910 million supplementary budget from the consolidated fund.

Parliament financial estimates committee report on supplement estimates of expenditure for the consolidated fund of 2012/2013 recommends that the amount that should be from general revenue should be given to ministries that need to supplement their constrained budgets.

The committee that consist of seven Members of Parliament has suggests that there should be a transfer of P5 million to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Internal Corporation (MOFAIC) as a result of the shortfall that occurred due to the revised rates for the Foreign Service allowances (FSA).

Following the president’s declaration that this year is a year of drought, payment of P41 million from the Consolidated fund was authorised to argument the provision in the Agricultural Credit Guarantee Scheme.

The committee has since recommended an amount of P41 million for approval to be paid to the agricultural credit guarantee scheme from the Consolidated fund.
The amount was requested to meet the payments of claims from the National Development Bank and Citizens Entrepreneurial Development Agency.

The money that is supposed to repay loans by farmers who had insured their loans against the scheme, is far less than the P66 million amount that is supposed to be paid to development bank. Despite that the P41 million has still not been reconciled with the banks.

The Ministry of Education and Skills Development requires approximately P644.3 million to meet the amount required for upgrading from senior teacher to school head and multiple grading and titling of teaching posts at C Band.

To meet the provision of a second meal for primary schools and double ration supply coverage of health facilities for poverty-stricken areas the Ministry of Local Government and Finance requires an additional P93.26 million.

The districts to be covered by this intervention are; Kgalagadi North, million Bobirwa, Boteti, Tutume, Kgalagadi South, Kweneng West, Southern District and Ghanzi District. The total number of beneficiaries is estimated to be around 267 072.

The committee also recommended that the annual provision of Animal Diseases Emergency Control be increased by P108.71 million from the P117.99 to P226.702 million.

Meanwhile, the committee noted a number of over expenditure that amounted to P255 075 million across different ministries. The committee resolved that ratification of the over-expenditure would only be done when necessary action is taken against those responsible.

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