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Monday, 27 January 2020 15:25

Busy schedule for local Boxing pros

Global Boxing Stars has officially announced two huge fights for three of its locally based fighters. From the stables of Drad boxing, Gaborone, Botswana and coached by ThebeSetlalekgosi and Dusan Cakic, the pugilists are already in training.

The first show is scheduled for the 3rd of April in Windhoek Namibia, where previously both Kutlwano ‘El Chino’ Ogaketse and Steven ‘Small’Bagwasi had victories in December 2019 under their new GBS management and promotion team.The show, co-promoted by GBS, AC boxing and Viva MP promotions, named ‘Rising Stars of Africa II’ sees the return of former WBA lightweight champion of the world, Moses ‘Hitman’ Paulus as the main event.All three from team GBS Botswana professional boxers will feature on this card in international bouts.They include Steven Bagwasi, now fighting at featherweight, KagisoBagwasi, welterweight and Kutlwano Ogaketse at Lightweight.

“As promised, I will always deliver for my team and this first show of 2020 will be a stacked card of talent to be announced very soon. It’s my goal to keep the boys busy, active and focused. The whole team of Thebe and Dusan,head coach and second coach respectively as well as co-managers and myself are all working hard to make champions of these three Batswana professional prospects. This time I have included them in a show with one of my other more experienced fighters and former world champion Moses ‘The Hitman’ Paulus and I’m sure the boys will learn a lot and perform well,” added Global Boxing Stars Chief Executive Officer, Scott Patrick Farrell.

According to Patrick Farrell the local trio will have a busy schedule as they are booked for April 18th in Harare on the Independence Day of Zimbabwe. “This huge boxing bonanza promoted by Managing Director of Delta Force boxing academy, Clyde Musonda in association with Scott Patrick Farrell’s Global Boxing Stars and Viva MP promotions will see the first World Africa Boxing Association World title contested between former three-time world champion Paulus ‘The Rock’ Ambunda, fighting out of the GBS camp as he faces local Zimbabwe favourite Tinashe Mwadziwana.”

On the undercard and same card as a former world champion, will be our own Botswana prospects, Steven, Kagiso and Kutlwano as they take on new opponents in another international competitive match. Meanwhile, an optimistic Farrell said GBS might soon take a professional boxer from team Botswana to compete in an international stage in the USA. “It’s my dream to build Botswana’s first world champion and that dream is very much on track to become a reality.”

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Monday, 27 January 2020 15:22

Chess season gets underway

Over 300 players are expected to compete at the upcoming Airfficiency Year Opener Tournament hosted by the Botswana Chess Federation. The FIDE rated tourney will attract the finest and most dynamic players across the country this weekend as the new season takes off in Gaborone.

Providence Oatlhotse and Refilwe Gabatshwarwe will want to win in every manner possible; they will bring their aggressive attacks and astonishing defense. Gaining control of the chess board will be what the two defending champions of the tournament wish for.
The tournament will have the FIDE rated open section which will be open to all females and male players. The FIDE rated Ladies section will only be open for female players as players have registered for both categories at a fee of P100.

Moreover, entry fee for the Under 16 category will be set at P50. However, players holding the GM, WGM, IM, WIM, FM and WFM have a personal right to enter the tournament and are always exempted from paying entry fees.Prizes at the tournament include prize monies; the overall winner in the Open section will walk away with P3000, second position will grab P2000 while third position will be awarded a P1000 cheque. Position four, five and six will get P700, P500 and P300 respectively.

In the women section the winner will get P2000 with the second spot occupant getting P1000 while the third placed player gets P700. Fourth and fifth placed players will get P500 and P300 respectively.The first round of the tournament starts on Saturday 25th January the second round, third round and the fourth round will follow suit still on the same day, round five is expected to start the following day with round six and seven following through.

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Monday, 27 January 2020 15:03


For the renowned Lydia Oile of Nchadinyana Clothing, who is also a member of the local and international traditional music group, Culture Spears, fashion means looking unique and elegant.

She tells BG Style that she grew up with the hidden talent of designing which most of her fans do not know about. It was only last year in October, when the smart designer tried out her talent and all fell into place. She has always created designs for clothes, when she was growing up using plastic bags. She shares that she loves clothes and this has just fuelled her passion as she places herself as a trendsetter.

“When I was eight tears old, I would watch my grandmother sewing clothes and I would also imitate her using plastic bags to make dresses,” said the selfless Oile, also known as Nchadinyana in the music industry.  “I grew up with a lot of passion for fashion, to a point that I invested most of my time looking at international trends with a lot of inspiration from celebrity outfits of people like Beyonce Knowles, Rihanna and Ciara to mention a few. I have always known that I have diverse talents when it comes to arts since I am a dancer and a singer, so I knew that one day I will design my own clothes and look stunning in what I have made,” explains Oile.

She explains that she started off by making clothing embellishments, earrings, beads and makgabe. As time went on she added a dungaree and a skirt to her art of fashion. She takes pride in her makgabe design, which she explains that she does in a unique way. “I use twisted wool and accessorize it with an African print to give out that African touch and a modernized finish,” she explains.

Makgabe is one of those clothes females would wear back in the days, and traditional music singers still use them on stage, when they perform. Therefore, as much as Oile aims at penetrating the international market in fashion, she saw it fit to add this item in her designs.  Besides making these lovely outfits, she also covers shoes, handbags, caps and hats to give fashion lovers that unique and outstanding look as they dress up for different events. 

On the other hand, she paints jeans and emphasizes that she always applies her artistic elements and principles because she was once a teacher of Art at Motsumi Junior Secondary School. She says that her major aim is to attract international artists and dress them in the future. “My aim is to see international artists being captivated by my designs, especially makgabe, so that bigger artists like Beyonce also get attracted to what we produce locally. I want to see myself in Paris or New York just to present my traditional outfit designs or any traditional attire because I believe it is high time we also take pride in what’s ours just by modernizing it to make it fit into the 21st century,” said Oile.

What gives her confidence at the moment is the positive feedback that she is currently receiving. “People really like my work, they often tell me that it’s unique and eye catching and I am impressed by the fact that makgabe order is on high demand as people highlight that they need it for cultural events including Son of the soil and weddings,” Oile said.

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Monday, 27 January 2020 14:58

Muvhango creator to train Botswana actors

About 50 young actors will be admitted to the Dr Duma Ndlovu Actors’ Academy (DNA) bridging course to take place every two months from March throughout this year in Botswana. Auditions to select those who will be part of the class will take place on Saturday February 1 at Botho University, Lecture Theatre 2, according to Coordinator and Facilitator, Michael Mosipidi.

Dr Ndlovu, the creator and director of the popular South African soapies, Muvhango, Uzalo and Imbewu will conduct the acting classes that are intended to introduce drama and performing arts students to the television and film acting industry. Dr Ndlovu, also Founder and Managing Director of Word of Mouth Pictures runs DNA Academy in Johannesburg, which has produced some of the leading actors in South Africa, and has been running Masterclasses to empower South African youth for free in Johannesburg Theatre since 2005.

His Academy will now extend the gesture to Botswana youth. Both the course and audition are free-of-charge. “The class will open opportunities for local actors to raise their competency to that of their international counterparts,” Mosipidi says, adding, the aim of this relationship is to expose and export the local talent.

“We believe that the talent of our people can be another strategy in diversification of our economy,” Mosipidi says.Even though preference will be given to those who have studied acting at tertiary institutions, organisers say everyone aged 20 to 30 is free to come and audition. In addition, participants are expected to bring their curricular vitae.

Those who have graduated from acting institutions or are still students of those institutions will be allowed to use monologues for auditions or the Audition Script. Monologues should be from published plays. Recommended monologues are by the following playwrights; Ntozakhe Shange, Athol Fugard, Amiri Baraka, Zakes Mda, August Wilson, Arthur Miller.

Those without qualifications will only use the Audition Script supplied on the day. DNA Academy founded in 2005 is a brainchild of Dr Ndlovu with an intention of bridging the gap between students who have just graduated from performing arts institutions and are willing to enter the acting industry.

Since its existence in South Africa to date, the academy has conducted a successful class of graduates that converted them into focused professionals, ready and responsible enough to enter and do well in acting as a career. In 2017, Dr Ndlovu, through a partnership with Mosipidi and Johnson Otlaadisa of New Look Studios conducted some acting auditions in which three of Batswana actors secured roles as Marang, Nare and Seretse in Muvhango, which airs on SABC 2.

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Fourteen-year old Phomolo Khanyo Somolekae is set for the stars. She has been accepted into America’s Got Talent show in Los Angels, California, USA. Somolekae, a girl from Serowe, is an amazing singer, discovered at the age of four when she shocked her family with a rendition of the Jackson Five song, ‘Who’s loving you.’

In an interview with BG Style, Phomolo’s mother, Monica Somolekae says they were inspired to enter her into the show because of her outstanding talent. Somolekae narrates that it all started one day when the family had gathered in the house to play musical instruments and to sing. When everyone thought that the fun session was over and back to doing their own thing, Phomolo picked up the mic and started signing ‘Who’s loving you.’ Initially her mother thought the CD was playing “because it was that good.” 
From then, Phomolo’s mother decided to use every available opportunity to enter her in music competitions with the sister, who is also a good singer.

She first took them to My African Dream talent competition where they made it to the semi finals. When she reached secondary school, Phomolo did not stop. She continued to perform at every event and important occasions in the school, and the more she did, the more her mother knew that they needed to do something about it. “I started wondering about how people get into America’s Got Talent. I started researching on the internet, went into America’s Got Talent website and I applied. To my surprise, they accepted her,” Somolekae said.

All this happened in December last year, and coincided with companies closing, while most government officials were on leave. It was difficult to approach anyone for assistance and support at that time, they almost gave up.
Only three weeks ago, Somolekae decided not to let the opportunity go without a try and started talking to people. “We went to the Ministry of Youth, we are still waiting to hear if they will assist us,” she said, adding that others that were approached also promised to assist.

The family has since begun a campaign on Facebook and Twitter asking for help. According to Somolekae, the feedback has been positive, as a few people have pledged their assistance as far as New York. “We still need funds to pay for her ticket, the hotel, food, and transportation locally. We really need help of about P60 000 to be able to do all that needs to be done,” she says, adding, we urge business community, other organizations and government entities to assist.

Somolekae believes that it is important for talent such as this to be seen in that stage. “It is crucial to Botswana as it sheds light into our abilities as Batswana. It also shows that Batswana also have talent. I know for a fact that South Africans, Nigerians and other nationalities are known, but Botswana also needs to be known for its talent because we have immense talent.”

She believes that the only thing that Botswana lacks is opportunities to showcase the talent and to grow and groom it. “America’s Got Talent show platform will open doors for Phomolo and other aspiring amateur singers and entertainers.” Phomolo’s mother hopes that her story will be an example of a small girl having a big dream, and the community moving mountains to ensure that her dream comes true. Phomolo leaves for the USA on Monday.

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Monday, 27 January 2020 12:54

Local shoe manufacturer makes inroads

Botswana’s shoe designer, 28 year-old Merapelo Manuhwa says that for a long time she has observed that when it comes to the fashion industry in the country, everyone flocks to clothes.

So she decided to give Botswana fashion a feel of something different, which is why she chose shoe making. She has always loved shoes, and her dream was to see someone manufacturing shoes in Botswana and this turned out to be her. “It has not been a long time since I introduced the shoe business in the country, I only started manufacturing in bulk early this year,” explains Manuhwa. Even though the business is new, the feedback has been impressive, so says Manuhwa, as people are always reaching out to her and sharing her work on facebook.  She is based in Gaborone in Broadhurst. She designs and makes all kinds of shoes for both men and women as well as school shoes.

Manuhwa tells BG Style that hard work is essential in every road to success, and she also believes in perfection. She enrolled at the School of Shoe Making and Technology in Pretoria, South Africa where she learnt to manufacture shoes of different designs.
“I had to sponsor myself with P29 000 to enroll at the school after I was actually inspired by a friend in Harare, Zimbabwe, who also manufactures shoes. I like manufacturing goods and when the opportunity to go to a school of manufacturing shoes came, I grasped it because I knew that it was something that will not only benefit me but the country at large, in this era of shortage of jobs,” she explained. She emphasizes that as soon as she completed her course in November, she came back home and started practicing what she has learnt.

She is currently working with four employees, and welcomes any investor who wishes to help them to expand the project.  “We are only five at the moment because the business is relatively new, and it is my belief that in the future we will employ more people,” she said. This energetic young lady is also the founder of ‘50 ways of making money in Botswana’ facebook page and she says that she believes in being hands on.  This is why she also shares ideas with people through this platform. She believes that Batswana are talented but need such motivation to create jobs for themselves.

Manuhwa also tells BG Style that they wish to open a school of Arts and crafts in the future to extend this talent to anyone who wishes to join the industry or learn how to manufacture anything under arts and crafts. They also dream to supply their shoes in shops, as they make a variety of shoes, which provides an option to the consumers. “We make ladies sandals, closed shoes and men’s shoes too; women are very excited especially about their different types of sandals,” she said, adding that they have already started receiving orders from bulk buyers. “Some shops have also started approaching us for our profile and we are working around to submit to them,” she told BG Style.

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Monday, 27 January 2020 12:49

‘Operation 70% Local’ gaining momentum

Promoter of the initiative, ’70 percent operation local music’ and also Director at Gilbert Promotions, Gilbert PP wa Pimp Seagile says that it is long overdue since the local content has been awarded 40 percent over 60 percent of international airplay, locally. 

Their research notes that there is so much local content produced but still overwhelmed by international airplay in the ratio of 40:60 percent airplay. They therefore saw it fit to try and change this because of the findings that local artistes have enough content to be presented at a higher percentage. On the other hand, he shares that Botswana is the only country that plays more international content than local content within the Southern African region. 

“Regardless of the small population of Botswana, musicians present at least 50 different songs on average on a day at a radio station, as per what we have gathered at Duma FM, and this means at least 350 new music is produced in a week in the country, so we want this music to be given more chance so that the artistes are known for what they have produced. We wish to have 70 percent local content and 30 percent of international content,” said Seagile.  He shared that in Namibia, it’s 50:50 percent ratio and they are vying to also make it 70:40 ratio to give local content more coverage.  He adds that in Eswatini, South Africa and Zimbabwe they already have a higher percentage for local content because the idea is to motivate the local artistes and sell them internationally too.

Asked if the quality that the local musicians produce is competent enough to be shared internationally and occupy the 70 percent margin, Seagile said that local talent has grown tremendously and only needs more publicity.
“The reason we have stagnant growth in our industry is because people do not get to know some of the music produced locally because, it takes time for the music to be played. I am confident that the quality of our music is fine and that is why we want to elevate artistes like Vee or Charma Gal to the international platform and have others also reaching their level. This can only happen if their music is well known,” he said, adding that they are hopeful that this can also reduce hiring international artistes or at least groom local artistes to be booked outside too.

“Forty percent airplay just limits our music industry and it has been a very long time that we have played more of international music,” reiterated Seagile.  He adds that promoters outside the country earn a lot more than the local ones because of the current airplay as it creates demand and controls the market. He clarifies that their team is made up of relevant people, including lawyers, and they look forward to be working with other music associations in Southern Africa.

Seagile further highlights that the initiative would also boost the cultural exchange between countries because some people in the neighboring countries listen to Botswana radios. He says they also plan to draw parliament and the cabinet to also take part in this initiative, just like they did with the Steve Harvey initiative. “It is only through partnership that we can grow our music industry,” he said.

They plan to have a press conference on February 15th and they expect advocates from ECASA, South Africa, CRAN-Namibia and economists to be present as they try to map out how this would benefit the GDP of the country.  According to him, musicians are excited about the campaign and they are also thankful to the radios for their support. “Radios are currently in support of this campaign and elders in the industry like Alfred Mosimanegape aka Alfredo Mos and Shima Monageng are helping us through this,” said Seagile.

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Monday, 27 January 2020 12:41

Beating ‘back to school’ blues…

It is that time of year again. Those with school going kids like me would know that nothing compares to the nightmare popularly known as ‘back to school’.

Yes, I said it, a nightmare! Whether the pains that seem to come with this period are caused by unpreparedness on our part as parents, the anxiety of new beginnings for our bundles of joy, or a reminder that the life of hectic schedule juggling is starting I am yet to determine. But what remains undisputed is that “back to school” blues are real and a pain!

As a mom who has had to deal with back to school blues for quite some time, I always wished for a manual, a detailed guide that would act as my sanity compass. Stationary suppliers, reliable school shuttles, where to get the best deals for school supplies, mopako deals, after school care etc. It is against this that I decided to share a few hints that will hopefully make the first few weeks bearable for us and a bit exciting for our little ones.

Firstly, let us look at the issue of kids transport to school. It goes without saying that the outmost care should be taken when choosing a shuttle for your kid. Get to know the driver, interview them and make sure you are comfortable with entrusting your child to them. If need be, kindly ask for references and do a background checks. Also get to know one or two other parents, you need not be best friends, but keeping in contact helps. Consider the route that the taxi takes as it will determine the time of pick up from home. Another point to consider is the age composition in the taxi. Mixing very young kids with the seniors is never a good idea, unless if you are sure that the elder kids will have the kind of influence you want for your little ones.

Next let’s look at stationary. You would think with quite a number of stationary suppliers around, this will be a breeze but oh no. Wait until you have to replace pencils because you bought the wrong lead size!  My word of advice here is, check if your child’s school can’t provide you with a stationary list if they aren’t already. Some suppliers will be glad to package for you the required stationary as prescribed on the list. For those shops where this service is not extended, it’s still easier for you to navigate, as you know exactly what you want and in what quantities. And just to contend for that mom/dad of the year award it will not hurt to add one or two pieces of fancy stationary. 

Now that we have sorted the stationary it is up to us to try keep it safe for as long we can manage. This brings us to marking and labeling. I can only imagine the trouble the poor teachers go through trying to determine the owner of an unmarked item being claimed by two or more tearful faces. With 25 or more students using the same stationary, our only rescue will be labeling. Thankfully, we have those who supply personalised labels for stationary, clothing items, bags and even lunch boxes.  But if you are a DIY mom like me, correction fluid or permanent marker will do the trick.

One other thing to get right at the start of any school year is the times. Wake up time, what time to leave home, pickup time and lastly bedtime. It is very important to establish a routine that works well for the both of you. And just in closing let us remember to engage our kids daily. Talk to them and find out how their day was. Check the bags for homework and assist. Till next time.

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Monday, 27 January 2020 12:20

BPC on autopilot

Botswana Power Corporation is currently operating without three most senior executive managers on a full time basis thereby exposing the state owned power utility to possible lapses with respect to timely and efficient decision making process.

The current scenario is the least wanted especially given that BPC has been bleeding millions of Pula annually at the expense of the taxpayer who has had to bail it out so as to keep the lights on. As things stand, the power company does not have a substantive Chief Executive Officer after the controversial resignation of former Chief Executive, Stefan Schwartzfischer about a year ago. Cross Kgosidiile, is currently the acting Chief Executive Officer, but holds the position of Chief Finance Officer. This effectively means Kgosidiile spends most time at the CEO’s office on an interim basis, leaving the CFO position almost neglected.

It is not known who has now been appointed acting CFO. Interestingly, it has since been reported that Kgosidiile is joining a government-owned company, although it has not been officially confirmed. In addition BPC is also operating without a Chief Operations Officer (COO) following the sacking of Jonathan Housseini last year. The latter has since successfully challenged the matter in a court of law, in the process stopping BPC from appointing a replacement for the same position. In the meantime, Botswana Guardian understands that, the former BPC top executive has since joined Botswana Post, another government parastatal on the same position. At press time Housseini had scored a decisive victory against the state owned power utility which is currently carrying out massive infrastructure and maintenance for projects such as North West power transmission, which costs P2, 4billion and the maintenance of Morupule A power station.

Its troubled Morupule B is currently under remedial work after defects were found in the plant which was constructed by a Chinese company. As a strategic parastatal, responsible for the country’s generation, transmission and distribution of electricity, can BPC afford to operate without three substantive top officials? BPC Marketing and Communications Manager Dineo Seleke declined to respond to detailed questions regarding the company’s leadership vacuum. She told Botswana Guardian last week that the Corporation is constrained to comment on any leadership changes since nothing has been announced.

She was trying to respond to a question relating to the reported exit of Kgosidiile to join another parastatal. The BPC spokesperson said they are currently concentrating efforts in executing the Masa 2020 strategy. Masa 2020 envisages the BPC as a profitable entity free from reliance on government, operating efficiently and serving its customers. The strategy became necessary as the BPC continued bleeding billions of Pula in annual losses, while operational inefficiencies piled up and services standards plummeted. The Permanent Secretary in the ministry of minerals, energy and green technology Mmetla Masire told this publication he cannot ‘talk’ because he was out of the country on Wednesday while his political boss, minister Lefoko Moagi’s cellphone rang unanswered, as he also appeared to be outside the country. 

The Botswana Guardian wanted to know if the ministry is not concerned about the leadership vacuum at BPC. In recent years BPC has been bailed by government while at the same time posting losses on the backdrop of the troubled Morupule B power station which has never produced power totaling 600mw which is the capacity of the P11 billion power plant.  According to the BPC annual report total revenue increased by 9 percent to P3.010 billion in 2018, compared to P2.769 billion as at March 2017. The increase in revenue was mainly attributable to the average 12 percent tariff adjustment awarded for the year under review.

Other Operating Income, which incorporates mainly profit on sale of material to Distribution Works Contractors, Consumer Financed Projects recoveries and export of electricity through Southern African Power Pool (SAPP) stood at P157.826 million registering an increase of 14 percent from P138.604 million in the prior year. Last week, Moody’s Investors Service (Moody’s) assigned a Baa2 long-term issuer rating to BPC. This was the first time Moody’s has assigned a rating to BPC. The ratings agency said BPC’s Baa2 issuer rating is underpinned by the expectation that the Government of Botswana will continue to provide timely financial support to the company, as necessary, given the critical role of BPC to the country and its mission to ensure that Botswana has access to electricity, and (2) an assumption that substantially all of BPC’s commercial borrowings will continue to be covered by government guarantees.

Meanwhile, Moody’s said a downgrade of Botswana’s sovereign rating could lead to a downgrade of BPC’s issuer rating. “A downward rating pressure could also occur if there was any uncertainty about the government continuing to provide timely financial support to BPC; the company’s financial profile were to deteriorate; there was a material change in the company’s capital structure (for example, if BPC were to raise unguaranteed debt); or Moody’s assessment of very high support for the company were revised downwards. In addition, severe delays or uncertainty around the remediation programme of Morupule B plant could also put downward pressure on the rating,” said Moody’s.

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A panel of three judges on Wednesday adjourned to February the case in which former Mosolotshane-Moralane Ward Councillor, Mogalakwe Mogalakwe has taken the IEC to court. This is to allow Mogalakwe’s attorneys to furnish the defence with more details. The panel composed of Justices Gaopalelwe Ketlogetswe, Itumeleng Segopolo and Omphemetse Motumise adjourned the matter  to February 10-15h  at 830 am after only two  witnesses out of the scheduled 11 including Mogalakwe himself had given evidence, while the third was still on the stand

Mogalakwe petitioned the IEC and the BDP, wanting the outcome of the October 23, 2019 poll for the Mosolotshane/Moralane Ward elections in the Shoshong constituency declared null and void because the elections were not free and fair. Originally, the judges had set this week from Monday to Wednesday as trial dates but that had to change as both the petitioner’s attorney Faustino Ng’anda and Patrick Kgoadi of Kgoadi, Legwaila, and Ng’andu Partners law chambers, and IEC attorneys Advocate Andrew Redding SC appearing with Advocate Rammidi as well as Attorney Busang Manewe of  Bogopa, Manewe, Tobedza and Company spent all Monday addressing the five points of law raised by the court.

This led to the trial starting on Tuesday after the court released its interlocutory ruling in favour of the applicants. The court had asked all the parties to advise as to whether the petition was compliant with sections 117, 118 and 119 of the Electoral Act.
Ng’andu argued that his client has given security hence the petition is compliant with Electoral Act provisions. Further he said Mogalakwe’s surety was sufficient as it was never challenged by any of the respondents. BDP lawyer Manewe argued that the petition was not compliant with the stated provisions of the Act and was as such a nullity. He argued that the point  in limine raised by the court were in relation to mandatory provisions of Section 117 of the Act dealing with security, arguing that in accordance with  Sections 117, 118 and 119, the petitioner must bind himself and have at least four sureties and since Mogalakwe has failed to comply, his petition must be dismissed with costs.

Advocate Redding argued that they never objected to Mogalakwe’s petition, but in their response to the points in limine raised by the court, said the law states that when filing a petition, in relation to issues of security, the petitioner, who is the principal debtor, must be supported by sureties. When reading the majority ruling Justice Motumise said that the court has found that the petition of Mogalakwe has complied with the regulations or the provisions of the Electoral Act hence the trial would proceed. He said he however, holds a different view that the petition does not comply, but two of his brothers Justices Gaopalelwe and Segopolo differed. On Wednesday afternoon, the judges adjourned the trial after ordering Mogalakwe’s attorney to give more statements to both the IEC and BDP attorneys.

The attorney for both parties asked the court to order Mogalakwe’s attorney to furnish them with more details because the witnesses for Mogalakwe are saying more than what is in the statements in their possession. They argued that they need more information in order to prepare their defence sufficiently. The court ordered Mogalakwe's attorney to furnish them with more details. Mogalakwe's Attorneys promised to furnish both IEC and BDP attorneys with detailed statements on Monday The trial started on Wednesday with Mogalakwe giving his evidence in chief led by his attorney of record.

Mogalakwe singled out the names of people from IEC, police and BDP in his evidence-in-chief as the chief culprits in the electoral scam. He accused IEC officers of refusing to extend voting hours when many potential voters were around the polling station fence at closing time.He said IEC officers were biased and operated outside their mandate. He cited one Bajeleng Kaudimba – a BDP political activist whom he accused of being the lead actor in making the Moralane ward election not free and fair. He allegedly interfered with the electoral process from opening time at 6:30 am to closing at 7pm by always being in the voting line and telling voters to cast their votes for BDP candidates.

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