Lucara seeks to extend Karowe mines lifespan

Keikantse Lesemela BG reporter
Wednesday, 05 September 2018
Lucara Botswana MD, Naseem Lahri Lucara Botswana MD, Naseem Lahri

Lucara Mine Botswana Managing Director, Naseem Lahri said they intend to extend their mine lifespan from 2026 to 2045 as the climate change in Botswana continues to inspire them to expand their presence in the country.

The company has rebranded its Boteti Mine to Lucara. Lahri said the rebranding exercise is to point out that they are increasing their investment in the country by extending the Lucara footprint locally and taking the mining activities beyond Boteti region where they have been operating Karowe mine. “Our extended operations in Botswana mean  increased revenue for the country, continued employment and development of our beautiful country,” said Lahri.

She said expansion activities will result in increased employment and upskilling of Batswana and increase activity within the economy. “Our Diamond sales activities take place in Gaborone and we have ambitions to open more mining assets as we continue to scour the land for more diamondfinds,” pointed Lahri.

Lahri also highlighted that the mine had over the past two years yielded the 1109 carat Lesedi La Rona, the second largest gem quality diamond ever, which was sold for US $53 813 and the US $63.1 million Constellation diamond which set a record for the rough gem. “As we rebrand, we intend to expand our footprint to the rest of the country, employing Batswana and imparting skills for the attainment of the National Vision 2036 and beyond,” said Lahri.

On his part, Vice President Slumber Tsogwane commended Lucara Botswana for being actively engaged in financing projects aimed at empowering the Boteti community. “I can confirm that the relationship that exists between Boteti residents and Lucara Botswana is indeed a solid one.It is characterized by amicable consultation, regional development and oneness.  

The unity between Boteti residents and Lucara Botswana is made even more evident as the region has allowed Boteti Mining to carry the name of the beloved diamond area for the past six years since its inception,” said Tsogwane.Tsogwane also said government welcomes mining initiatives and will continue to support organisations like Lucara Botswana for ploughing back into communities, especially in the drive to improve people’s livelihoods.

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