G4S aims to pick up customers’ service experience

Koobonye Ramokopelwa BG reporter
Wednesday, 15 August 2018
G4S MD, Mokgethi Magapa G4S MD, Mokgethi Magapa

G4S Botswana, the country’s biggest security services company said it will continue to implement operational and service improvements, with increased capacity to provide better customer satisfaction and enhanced security solutions.

Writing in the company latest annual report, Managing Director, Mokgethi Magapa noted that, ‘the leveraging of our technological capability regionally and globally would give us a competitive edge in a market that is still driven by traditional manned guarding solutions for customers’. The company competes head to head with big players such as Security Systems and Security Services in the manned security.

Meanwhile, the group which also has a property management division stated that its cash processing and management
space, including Automated Teller Machines(ATM) management, continues to offer great opportunity, despite fighting with other players such as the above mentioned for the same tenders especially in the financial services sectors. “As the first mover and with greater capability, we see cash as a great flagship business given the products and services that we are able to introduce to the local market,” said a confident Magapa who is writing his first annual report as the CEO of the company.

Meanwhile, G4S Botswana which saw its profitability in the past few years declining has now stabilised, as seen on its profit for full year to December 2017. “G4S is now more stable and on more sound financial footing, realising a Profit Before Tax of P40.22 million, which represents an improvement of 25.6 percent over 2016. Revenue grew at 2.2 percent in a subdued economy which struggled to break the 4 percent growth mark amid a record number of closures in the mining sector,” noted Chairman Dr. Masego Mpotokwane. Mpotokwane is also a shareholder in the company

Going forward, the company which is owned in majority by G4S plc, the London-listed company said that it will continue to acquire customers with great emphasis placed on reviewing our client portfolio and service mix to achieve sustainable revenue growth. “New areas (geographic) of business operation, new products/services as well as partnerships are set to provide us with the quantum leap that is required for revenue growth. This will create sustainability in our business and allow us therefore the ability to fully invest in our operation,” said Magapa who is among the youngest crop of CEO is the publicly listed companies.

‘As we strive to enhance our operational capability, automation and outsourcing of non-core activities will be top of the agenda. We believe this would give us the agility to improve our mainstream business. The Facilities Management business presents unparalleled opportunity given that we are the only security and risk management company that offers that particular service’

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