The first pay of the year!

A journey of a thousand miles starts with the first step, so it has been said. The first pay of the year is in your hands, or close by. What will you do?Let’s look at how trends and habits are formed. When you examine your entire life you will find that there are certain patterns and habits that have formed your character. When the character is strong, everything is on automatic.

I have said before that money always follows the character of its owner.The idea of change is all about changing the strong patterns and habits, motivated by your desire for different results. If you like the results that you keep getting, you will obviously not have a very strong motivation to change the processes that give you those results.

As the late Stephen R Covey used to say, begin with the end in mind. What results would you like to see? If your end-results are not enticing enough, you might not have a very strong motivation to change your processes.

Change is not at the end, it is right in the middle. It is the changing of the processes that produce our results. This is what we call living in the gap. If your resources, your time and your money keep going through the same processes that have produced yesterday’s results, what are the chances that tomorrow’s results will be different?

Of course zero! Many people say they want change, but they only want different results, without changing the habits that produce those results.

If you want more money, you must look at processes that are producing your current money. Are the models and systems you are employing  capable of producing more money if fully utilised? What will it take for you to fully apply these models? If they have no capacity for more what new models and systems should you implement that could produce more money?

What new resources would you need to support these new models and systems? Can the first pay of the year help you start on this new path? Any new habit that you start is always difficult and calls for patience and perseverance. The motivation to persevere will only be strengthened by your desire for the new end-result.

Make sure that your desired end results can motivate you to follow through.If you want a new book, you have to allocate time to writing, perhaps every week. If you want a new product, you have to allocate resources to research and development and the creation of the product. Unless you break your goals down to what they mean to  you today, they will never materialise out of thin air.
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