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KAUAI: the perfect place for eating

KAUAI is all about healthy eating, and serving customers hearty meals that compliment their goal of staying healthy. Officially opened in January this year, this new joint in town is the perfect place for those who are all about healthy eating. 

The new baby in town is the first in the country, and is termed as a store in motion. It is partnership between the local franchise owners, and Virgin Active Gym. Located at the Virgin Active gym at Airport Junction, the atmosphere at this eatery beckons to those who are very careful about what they take. 

BG Style paid a courtesy call to the joint on Wednesday morning, and the team was blown away by the serene atmosphere and how staff members here are welcoming and serve with a smile. The fact that owners of this franchise - Tswelelo and Mavis Peloewetse Mere - are passionate about their business and so hands-on is a bonus. They swear that they have the best coffee blend in town. Try to convince Mere (husband) that there are others in town who also swear by their blends, and he will win over you, and stands by his word. 

So convincing, is he that he is prepared to put his head on the chopping block. He convinces this reporter to try their Cappuccino, which he says is so special that you do not need to take it with any sugar. And he is right. The Cappuccino made from a blend of Ugandan beans, mixed with South and Central American beans is one in a million. If you have tasted Cappuccinos in town, this one is totally different, and hits the right spots for those who are passionate about the hot blend. You take a sip, and you wonder if you will ever enjoy another Cappuccino in town. On the menu, customers are treated to an array of mouth-watering delights that are prepared right in front of their eyes, and no oil is used. The menu comprises of all day breakfast (options include Egg Hot Pot which is a free range poached egg, sautéed mushrooms, rosa tomatoes, kale, pesto, feta, and parmesan) for a small fee of P29. Other options on the menu for breakfast include Banana Almond Butter Toast, Smashed Avo Toast, Poached/Scrambled Eggs and Toast and many more. 

Wraps are also available, and they include Harvest, Tropical chicken, Spicy Burrito, Princess, ad Thai Crunch. Also on the menu, one finds options such as the Sandwiches in different flavous, Salads, Raw Juices and shots, Hot drinks, Smoothies that include the Peanut Butter bliss which we learn is a hit, Protein Smoothies, and Superfood smoothies. Besides the Cappuccino, BG Style team also sampled one of their wraps, a Tuna Protein wrap (made with tuna, free range boiled egg, green beans, carrot, rosa tomotoes, coriander, greens, celery and onion mayo, and lemon Caesar dressing), which is very scrumptious, and fills one quickly. The good thing about this wrap is the fact that is the explosion that it leaves in your mouth. 

The celery, comes through and even for those who are not fond of celery like this reporter, it is not so bad. Other ingredients dance in your mouth, and leave one looking forward to the next bite. BG Style also sampled the Thai Crunch Salad, made with free range chicken, cashews, broccoli, carrot, red pepper, cabbage, mint, sesame, pickled ginger, greens and thai peanut dressing, and after one mouthful, one can see why this is one of the favourites. Mere explains that Kauai is franchise from South Africa, and has over 150 stores, including one in Namibia. 

He says that the dream to own this concept came up after the opportunity arose for a franchise opportunity. So what is it about this place that makes it stand out on its own. Mere points out that they do not use any oil when they prepare their food, and that this compliments the diet for those who are working out. “Our slogan is Made Naturally, serve with a smile,” he explains. He also says that their menu has a lot of greens such as baby spinach, kale, and rocket herbs. 

“Our food is prepared right in front of our customers so that they can appreciate how the food is made,” he says. They recently launched their new menu, which is ideal for the winter season and that it is the rave among customers. The menu changes with seasons. 

“What also makes us popular with our customers is our smoothies. When they are done working out in the gym, they can have a smoothie, and one of the popular ones is the Peanut Butter Bomb,” says Mere, adding that the Citrus is another hit. 

Mere is a lawyer by training and has over 17 years in the industry. He says that the opportunity to open Kauai has seen him getting to interact with a lot of people from all walks of life, some of who just pop in as they also want to capture this moment in photos.

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Local travel agency, Happy Soul Adventures is changing the way tourists and locals get to experience Botswana. 

The company gives those wanting to see a different side of their city and surrounding areas a fresh concept that leaves them feeling rejuvenated and looking forward to their next adventure. 

The brain behind this extraordinary concept is none other than Cynthia Mothelesi. 

Mothelesi has a background in Public Relations and Marketing, and she was with Botswana Tourism Organisation for seven years. During her time at BTO, she realised the potential Batswana have. She also realised that for one to start something, one does not need to have a lot except passion.

At BTO she noticed a gap in the market for adventure lovers who seek to experience Botswana through the eyes of a local, and so Happy Soul Adventures was born. The company is all about giving clients a people based experience. Happy Soul Adventures is targeting travellers interested not in safari tours, or fancy places, but those into getting a whole new experience. Happy Soul Adventures clients get to cycle, and explore the country on a bicycle, something that is still new locally. 

Other services that her company provides include photography as well as Art lessons. 

Mothelesi tells BG Style that she takes her clients to places such as the Main Mall, a local Chesa Nyama, local pubs and bars such as B6 in Mochudi and United Café lounge, and surrounding villages where they get to unwind, and breathe in fresh air while taking in the sounds and sights of the area. Already, she has set Instagram alight with some of the adventures in areas like Notwane, Manyana, Mogobane, and Livingstone Kolobeng. She also takes her clients to Thapong Visual Arts Centre to see local artists in action and then takes them for sundowners at the Yacht Club.

What makes this even more exciting is that the clients experience this new lifestyle riding a bicycle. “We don’t just cycle, we cycle, and will stop somewhere to have snacks and relax,” she explains. Most people lead busy lives nowadays hence Mothelesi offers an experience that affords them a chance to relax, and take in the sounds in a relaxed atmosphere.  To date, she has hosted clients from as far afield as Canada, United Kingdom and a young couple from South Africa who were taking their maiden visit to Gaborone. 

She is also hosting clients from Belgium this week. “The young couple from South Africa was blown away by everything. They had so much fun, and they bought hot dogs from a local seller,” she explains adding that her business is also about benefiting the businessman on the ground. “Wherever we go I make sure that the tourists buy something from them it can be traditional food, or crafts. This way I know that the money goes directly to them,” she says. 

Through the company she wishes to dispel the myth that tourism is for certain groups of people or those who have money. She also specialises in special requests. For example, she recently hosted a couple from Mochudi who wanted to enjoy a day out in the sun to celebrate the lass’s birthday. The couple didn’t have a car, and travelled by bus from Mochudi. She picked them in Gaborone and took them to Notwane, where they got to take pictures. “It was such a cool experience,” she explains. 

The cost for an experience like this is just P200, and it includes snacks, and the use of a bicycle. Her services are also family orientated in consideation of the fact that parents also want to take their children along. “Our bicycles are quacky and colourful. We want people to relax and enjoy themselves,” she says. She is currently busy working on a city map that is focused on people based tourism. 

The map will have information about places such as Oodi Weavers, and will show people where they can go for unique experiences. The tours happen on Friday afternoons, Saturday and Sunday (morning & noon). One tour can host up to ten people, and she is growing it to take 13. She is in the process of helping out the Oodi Weavers as part of her Corporate Social Responsibility. 

She got her motivation after she was engaged by DeBeers to work with the Thamaga Pottery as Project Manager and she realised that there are many Batswana who are doing amazing things out there. “I gained knowledge from the Thamaga project,” she says. 

For enquiries email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call: 71891937. 

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Friday, 18 May 2018 16:30

Tha Bang creates magic on a canvas

Tha Bang has always been visually talented, and used his fingers to create magic on a canvas.  

His first brush with a canvas was when he worked as a visual artist. One day, he realised that his brushes were not allowing him to express himself and create the sort of magic that he wanted. He then veered off that path and embarked on his current love that sees him using the human face as his canvas. 

Born Botshelo Thabang Mochotlhi, Tha Bang is a make-up artist and is also into editorial photo shoots, and fashion shows. His journey he tells BG Style began two and half years ago. It has been an exhilarating journey he tells this publication. 

“I was just a painter, and it was boring as I couldn’t execute what I wanted to do on canvas. So the human canvas is ideal for what I want to do,” he narrates his humble journey. 

He explains that in the years since he started this journey, he has reached a certain level, and is looking forward to other exciting opportunities that lie ahead. Amongst the clients that he has worked with, he counts Obonye Malope who is the Director-Marketing & Communications for First National Bank Botswana (FNBB), Nature Inger who walked off with the title for World Supermodel in 2014, as well as Thata Kenosi (Miss Botswana 2016), and many others. Besides these clients, he has also worked on the 2017 Masa Fashion show, Heart of the City carnival, and is not looking back. One of his highlights he says was working with Kenosi when she was preparing for the Miss World journey. He worked with photographer, Raaes Abdul, and Kenosi was wearing an outfit by IZaura. The shoot was a success and it went on to be featured on Vogue (online). His next plan right now is to see his works being featured on Vogue (the main one). When that day comes, he will know that he has achieved one of his many dreams. 

Currently, he is working with Petra Rolinec a photographer on a number of shoots, and they are eyeing the opportunity to sell the projects to international publications that include Vogue and Papercut. So far, they have worked with local personalities including Mpho Sebina, Inger on the yet to be released shoots, and are also looking for more projects. 

He is also dreaming about working with international producer, Jan Malan of Umzingeli Productions on one of his big projects. Malan has staged high profile productions in 20 countries over four continents. He is the go to person when it comes to the world of fashion, and its production. Besides his passion with make-up, he doubles as a model, and works with his friend, Cynthia Mothelesi of Happy Soul Adventures as the face of the company, as well as working with Gwen Lebo Isaacs. 

So in terms of make-up and the no rules, what are his observations regarding the locals? He says that people need to always remember that make-up needs time, and that this will eliminate instances where people just pile up everything. His big advice is to brush-up eyebrows, and apply foundation. 

“Don’t doubt yourself, we all started somewhere, and you will get better with time,” he explains.  He says that one of the must-haves when it comes to make-up is a concealer as it can hide a few spots. Hydrating the skin is also important, he says. 

Tha Bang also notes that it is vital for one to know their skin type. This he says will help them to choose the right products for their skin. “It will prevent one from buying the wrong foundation for instance for their skin,” he advices. He says that one can identify their skin type by looking at what he calls the T-Zone during the day, and see whether it is dry or oily.  With winter already here, he says that it is crucial for one to keep their skin hydrated. His make up essentials for women, he says, is red lipstick (which shows that one is confident, and also draws focus on the lips) as well as Mascara, which can open your eyes and make your eyes.  “A bit of eyeliner is also a must have,” he says.  His next project right now is holding a master class for men on the art of make-up. He says that there is a niche for this market as men are interested in make-up but are afraid to try it out.  “There is a big market out there of men who are interested in make-up, but they are afraid,” he explains. 

He also says that men can use make-up to hide spots to mention a few. “There is a way that they can apply make-up discreetly,” he points out.  


Tha Bang’s fast total coverage 

1. Lightly apply a Mac studio fix foundation (just a few strokes will do

2. Then apply a blot powder just to set the foundation 

3. Spray setting mist fix, to give it that velvet finish 

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Ecstasy Roots Band is gearing to mesmerise jazz enthusiasts with their live session on June 2 at Thapong Visual Arts in Gaborone’s village suburb where they’ll also be launching their album, Zambezi.

Ecstasy Roots Band leader Siyabonga Ophias explains that they always aim at treating people to the level best of their smooth jazz ensemble. Since the group was formed in 2015 they try by all means to interact with other inspirational artistes in smooth jazz, to shape their art and learn from others as well as share ideas. “We have had interactions and sessions with the likes of Bookie Dewitt (France), Toddle Wayne and the late  Sam Mtukuzi to mention a few and that just embraces the defined texture that we boast of,” said Ophius. 

The event is opportune since it happens just a few days away from the Jazz Fair Preview. The brand new album to be launched is called Zambezi. Ophius says it is a full package for the Jazz enthusiasts. He maintains that Jazz is a type of music that touches both the mind and the soul; therefore the album has just the right dose. Their experience sets them apart and they consider themselves an international jazz band as they part-own an exquisite studio in Namibia, where they produced Zambezi album. Ophius says they try by all means to stay true to the Jazz genre, elevate it and preserve it for future generations as well as groom young Jazz artistes.  Tickets for the launch can be purchased at Number One Ladies Coffee Bar at Thapong Visual Arts Centre for P100.00  for the elderly and P50.00 for kids.  

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Friday, 18 May 2018 16:27

Mau Ka Monatyi clothing sells Maun

The township of Maun has earned itself the nickname ‘ko motjing’, and the place is increasingly known for its fun and beauty. Now the ‘in thing’ in the tourism capital is  ‘Mau Ka Monatyi’ clothing merchandise.

This elegant and renowned clothing line started in 2015, but from last year to date, everyone wants to associate themselves with the brand. Brand owner, Emmanuel BlackPrince Petros says that the clothing line’s main objective was meant to sell the lifestyle of Maun. He clarifies that the leaves forming a circle on the brand label represent vegetation, while the circle represents an umbrella, which houses many different tribes, making Maun a place of all. “You find Bakalaka, Batawana, Bayei, Babirwa, Batswapong, Baherero, Bakgatla, Bangwato all living in harmony and calling Maun home away from home,” he said.  

Petros further noted that they only started with T-shirts but now have a wide range of gear as a result of the positive feedback that they got from across the country. He admits that fun lovers respect the brand for a variety of events that are hosted countrywide, highlighting that not only the people from Maun support the brand but the fun lovers in general. They now have a wide range from T-shirts, dress tops, baseball shirts, and the brand new winter range that include; track pants and sweaters, caps, body warmers and bomber jackets.

Petros expressed gratitude to everyone who supports their brand, saying that they should extend the similar support to other local brands. He said that it is a good gesture to have the locals dressed in local brand or even eat local products than depend on importing all the time. 

He also stated that some of the local celebrities even choose to perform dressed in this brand. 

“We have so far dressed Amantle Montsho, Charma Gal and her crew, Han-C, DJ Boogie Sid, T.H.A.B.O and we are looking forward to dressing many more,” he said. Petros believes that this brand has an effect on the tourism of the country, as those who visit Maun often buy their brand and go for photo shooting at historical places, including Thamalakane river and all other exciting and tourism places surrounding Maun. “Some pose for pictures at our airport, some go to the big tree and a lot capture during the night life with the local artistes. 

This on its own just humbles me because all the pictures go to social media where people get to know about our country,” he said. Their merchandise is accessible in Maun, Gaborone and Francistown and can as well be ordered on their Facebook page; Made In Maun Clothing Brand.

Petros also told BG Style that they are involved in charity and giving back to the community. “We do not just want to sell and make money only but also stretch our hand to give the less privileged within our home town and surrounding places,” he said, adding that they will soon introduce branding for other different places by end of May, under their brand to give another young people in those respective places to also sell their villages clothing line, thereby creating employment for them.


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Friday, 18 May 2018 16:02

Beat the cold in style

Dr. Boitumelo Pule-Kitchin says it is vital for people not to take the winter season for granted. Often times the immune system gets weaker during this time. She adds that during this season, flu cases go up; therefore people should take certain precautions in order to avoid infections. She suggests that people should eat more fruits and vegetables, particularly vitamin C. “It is very important to improve immune system by eating more fruits and vegetables, as well as exercise regularly,” she said.

She further said that vaccination against flu is important during cold weather. “I would advice everyone, especially young children and those with chronic diseases such as Asthma, heart and lung diseases, HIV and diabetes to have flu vaccine,” says Pule-Kitchin. She encouraged those who have not been exercising to consider exercising in order to make sure that they keep fit and beat flu. On the other hand, she highlighted that keeping warm at all times is also necessary to make sure that the body is not exposed to coldness.

Fashion designer, Wedu Kwambala of Designed by WeduK, however says some people tend not to wear warm clothes, as they believe that summer clothes are better than winter clothes. She therefore advises people to go for stylish warm clothes like ponchos, smart jackets and leggings. 

She boasts of her locally designed glamorous ponchos, saying that they have that modern feel to complete one’s look this winter. 

In her poncho collection, she has dress ponchos, buttoned ponchos and her design allows one to easily accessorise them with a belt or a brooch. “Like any season, there are fine clothes for winter and people should keep warm with relevant items such as gloves, scarves and so forth,” she said.


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