Independence month keeps vision fire alive

Botswana’s independence celebrations will coincide with the wrap up of Vision 2016 Awareness month on September 30. This month was set aside for special Vision 2016 awareness activities to ensure that as the country celebrates its independence citizens may be reminded of what it wants to achieve.

The activity-packed month was launched last month by Vice President Dr Ponatshego Kedikilwe in Tshane in the Kgalagadi district. Vision Council publicity officer, Obakeng Kwenantsi has said that their efforts in raising the vision awareness have proven to bear fruit as the 2010 Awareness Study indicates that 93% of the population knew something about the Vision.

When launching the Vision month in Tshane, Kedikilwe noted that, “As we celebrate yet another milestone in Botswana’s National Vision journey; a journey that the Vision Council has undertaken without fail since 2006 by launching similar occasions in various villages across the country as part of raising awareness and arousing interest in the National Vision, we should pause and reflect.

Reflect about our dreams, aspirations and priorities as a nation. This is yet another opportunity for introspection. It is time to assess our humble efforts and successes over the years and seek to improve on areas that have shown challenges. In essence, we should all look back and ask ourselves: what have I done, or what can I do to continually make a significant contribution towards the achievement of Vision 2016?

There are only three years before the year 2016, and vision council has adopted the theme, “Living the Vision: Yame Le Wena.” Kedikilwe stressed that even though awareness of the Vision is high, only 39% of the citizens know what to do to contribute towards its achievement.

The Vice president also appreciated that many people are making invaluable contributions towards the National Vision in diverse ways but possibly without being
fully conscious that they are making such contributions. “Your commitment to making a positive contribution to the upliftment of your child or family’s welfare to your community and organization, is by extension, living Vision 2016,” he said.

President Ian Khama has also declared September as a month of prayer for rain as Botswana has been going through a dry period.

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